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Width and Height difference of RAW images wider / taller than visible in Lightroom?

27 December 2015 - 01:26 PM

Hello all,


I have seen this mentioned somewhere before but could not find by searching.


Is there an aspect ratio or image size setting in Lightroom to show the ENTIRE RAW image?


I happened to open a RAW file in Windows Photo Gallery and it is larger (as in wider / taller) than what is visible in Lightroom.


Would this additional part of the image be accessible in Lightroom?


The difference is not large, but for images of fast moving critters who are at the edge, or out of a shot that additional height and width could improve or save an image. (not necessarily this one as the sea lion still too close to edge of frame)


Any suggestions?


If it makes a difference I am using LR 5.7 and am shooting an Olympus EM5 in RAW only


Not sure how to manipulate images on this forum so they have different orientations for some reason? The upper image is what is visible in Lightroom, the bottom what is visible via Windows Photo Gallery


Thanks in advance,




[attachment=34320:Image size when RAW opened with Photo Gallery.jpg][attachment=34321:JPEG and Lightroom View.jpg]