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Inon Z240 or Sea and Sea YS-D1

12 October 2013 - 11:13 AM

Hello dear community,


in order to expand my underwater photographic gear, I´m going to replace my old manual flash with a TTL-capable model. As Im planning to replace my compact-camera (to date a panasonic TZ25) with a mirroless camera in the future as well, I want a strobe which will satisfy my needs for the next years. The Z240 and YS-D1 seem reasonable candidates.


Right now, I find difficult to decide which one to choose. The Z240 is the established model of the two, but the YS-D1 seems very appealing because of the higher output and the overall easier use, though some people reported problems with the battery status and flooding the battery case.


So maybe I can get some advice here.

Is the YS-D1 reliable in use, does the DS-TTL II provide as good results as the Z240 or even better?


What are the compared advantages/disadvantages of the two?


Any other things I have to think about?


Thanx to all in advance,