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S95 settings help

07 December 2013 - 08:20 PM



I have some questions about my uw setup, which consists of a s95 w/canon housing and a ys-110a strobe.  I'm a little confused with how the Av mode works on my S95, specifically how shutter speed is calculated.  


It seems that when I turn the flash on, the camera almost always (unless pointing directly into a light) sets the shutter speed to 1/60.  I know it's not hard locking it to this because if I point it directly at a light it will change the shutter speed to something faster.  


Are there any settings that I'm missing to get the camera to use a faster shutter speed in Av mode when using a strobe? As it is now, I am (usually) shooting at f/8 and iso 80 (not auto).  Should I try putting the iso on auto and setting the max iso low to something like 640 or 400?  Or is the better answer to just shoot in full manual mode?  


My last dive I was testing out the TTL for macro with my strobe, which IIRC, requires aperture or shutter priority to work, but if that's at the cost of a faster shutter speed, it's probably not worth it.


Any thoughts/suggestions?  Also sharing a pic from yesterday for fun/thanks for any help (I know there another place to post for critiques).  


f/8, iso 80, 1/60 +7 macro diopter from a socal shore dive. very minimal post