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WTB: Subal dome port

17 January 2018 - 12:36 PM

Anyone looking to sell a type 4 (or maybe type 3) Subal dome port?  Most interested in mini dome and 8" (in that order) but considering my options... 


Also potentially interested in extensions.



Nikon D90 + Aquatica housing + YS-D2 strobes + extras

08 November 2017 - 09:42 PM

My next dive trip is not for a few months so I'm getting this out there to find any interested parties.  I am open to selling this with several extras I'd normally keep (marked with a * below), as a "ready to dive" or "turn-key" system if someone is set on that 


Reason for selling = camera upgrade fund! :)   There is a tiny bit of truth when I say I've outgrown this, but honestly, this is a very capable setup and if I have to tell you the limitations - are they going to be the limiting factor for you?  Maybe?  Maybe not. 


I am absolutely open to discussing the above... more information the better, right?  


Option 1:  the "100% ready to dive/shoot" package

This is for the small chance someone wants a FULL READY TO DIVE setup.  Super macro to CFWA to WA to... 

Aquatica AD90 housing 
Nikon D90 (1 or 2 bodies)
3x YS-D2 stobes
Aquatica AF macro port(18428) + flip adapter

8" dome port + shade *
Mini dome port * 
extension rings * 
Nikon 60mm macro AF-D lens or Tokina 10-17 *
Sea & Sea dual sync cable *
ULCS arms + clamps + floats * 
.... + whatever else you need to purchase option 1 *  

* These are only for sale in this option.  Unlikely I will sell these separately - this is only for someone who wants a "100% dive ready" setup 



Option 2:  the "mostly ready to dive/shoot" package

Just add arms and a lens and a sync cable

Aquatica AD90 housing 
Aquatica AF macro port  (18428)
Nikon D90 (1 or 2)
YS-D2 stobes (1 or 2)

Option 3:  pick and choose (asking price in USD)

1 - Aquatica AD90 housing          - $800 
1 - Aquatica AD90 housing + extras - $1000 (spare brand new nikonos style bulkhead $145, vacuum, spare rebuild $66 and o-rings)
2 - Nikon D90 bodies               - $250/ea 
2 - YS-D2 stobes                   - $425 
1 - YS-D2 strobe in box (prize)    - $450
1 - 110 degree wide angle wet lens - $375

Shipping is split 50/50 for USA.   Open to sell internationally, but will need to research that further. 




Pics available on request 


To add some further detail these items.  


Housing  - purchased used here on Wetpixel, never flooded it or had any issues.  Very clean on the inside, outside has minimal, but some signs of use. It does have someones name on top (thanks Charles hah) but in very good shape otherwise.  I can't speak for other housings, but Aquatica housings are solid/rugged.  As this is my primary camera setup, I actively shoot this and just got back from two weeks in Bali. Can share pics of what this is capable of.  This would come with quite a few extras from a full service kit to spare o-rings and a spare bulkhead. There is a Vivid leak sentinel v4 vacuum on this housing, but 100% honesty here - I think I may have killed the current electronics.  However, I do have a back up electronics ($100 I think?) so I will be investigating further and worst case, throwing the back up circuit board in. 


D90 bodies - not much to say on these.   Have original box for one.  One of these was serviced about two years ago - I made the mistake of going to and from AC and hot/humid on an Indonesia trip and had to send it in to Nikon.  I can look up shutter counts but overall, these are in great condition.  The shutter release button shows scratches and signs of use (from the housing) but outside of that, I don't think you'll find a scratch on them. Sensor may need cleaned though, I noticed a few spots this trip.   Ebay prices look fairly low though, so I may keep 


YS-D2 strobes - I purchased two of these, and then won one from a shootout contest (which has never seen water).   I thought that I would replace my old and very used ys-110a strobes to get more light for WA, but to be honest, I found out that I do not like the "off center" focus light.  Although a trivial detail for most(?), for me this is fairly big as I shoot a lot of macro and use snoots extensively.  This is just awkward for me to line up the shot, and then adjust based on the offset of the focus light.  The two used strobes have been on less then 20 dives each, and very likely less then 10.  They have neoprene covers too so you'll likely not see any scratches, and like everything, well rinsed after dives.   


Wide angle wet lens - this hasn't seen any use since I started shooting DSLR a couple years ago.  Pristine condition.  67mm threads - would probably be work great on almost any compact setup.  https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/bluewater-wa110-wide-angle-lens  


Please ask away any questions.  Slight preference is to sell the housing with option 1 or 2 but I understand that take time so... 


All gear in Southern California