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FS: Aquatica #18456 and misc

11 March 2015 - 06:24 PM

Over my slow piecing together of a dslr setup (while shooting compact), I managed to get two of the same extension ring so I'd like get rid of one.  I bought here as it was advertised as a #18462, but it is identical dimensions as my other #18456. I only recently noticed as I finally got around to using the extensions.   


It is in great shape, no major dings or dents.  I'll add pics later, just wanted to post to see if anyone is interested. 

- Aquatica #18456 extension ring  ($130) 


I also have some compact camera stuff that is just sitting around 


- brand new/unopened Sea & Sea fiber optic cable  ($65) 

- brand new/unopened Sea & Seas strobe mask kit  ($20)


And I have an array of other compact camera parts (s95) that I may post up as well, haven't yet decided if I want to replace the camera for a backup/shore diving.