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Considering upgrading

31 January 2018 - 08:15 PM

I have not been on here much.  We are planning a major dive trip the Red Sea this August which has given me upgrade lust.  Since this might be our only time there, I want to get the best shots I can.  


I upgraded from a well used D70 package to my D90 when I found a nice price on a used housing about 5 years ago.  My current set up is an Aquatica D90 housing with 8" dome port.  I have dual YS-250 strobes for lights.  I shoot with a Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye about 20% of the time and a Nikon 60mm Macro the other 80%.  To use the Fisheye I have to be somewhere with fairly clear water and big things I want to shoot.  What I really like about the 60mm behind the dome port is that I have a very good range of what I can shoot from very small, less then 1" critters up to large fish or turtle size critters.  I shoot in full manual and RAW. 


I am currently using a D7100 for my land shooting.  Due to other factors I am strongly considering buying a D850 in the next couple of months, that is unrelated to this trip.  


So the question becomes, do I continue to use my D90, look for a used D7100 housing, or buy a D850 housing.



Pro, I already own it. I am familiar with its function.  If I flood/damage it, it is the least expensive. 

Con, It is a 10 year old camera and while it works well I would like to do better.  There was an obvious difference going from my D70 to D90. 



Pro, Uses lenses I already own.  Has a function I am familiar with on land.  Still a crop sensor so familiar framing. 

Con, Looks like uses housings are few and far between. If I can not find a use housing, a new one is the same price as the D850.



Pro, Great all around camera.  Can do high end video if I want.  More dynamic range.  Better low light (we dive in cold dark water too).

Con, Need new lenses also.  New learning curve on function.  New learning curve on FF framing.  


What other things should I consider?



If it would help to see my shooting style, I have several pics from our recent Honduras trip, https://www.facebook....965/photos_all


Thank you.