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Nauticam NA-D800 Housing w/ vacuum check valve & circuitry

09 June 2015 - 12:29 AM

Housing has been completely refurbished by Reef Photo after a flood with all the internals replaced. It now comes with vacuum valve and internal circuitry. Other than some normal wear on the bottom, it it essentially like new. Selling because it's been sitting unused for a year (I've since moved on to a GH4). Asking for $2500. 

Looking to sell it before my next trip, so I will entertain the best offer I receive. Please contact me directly at andrei.voinigescu@gmail.com for fastest response. 

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Powerful Strobes for W/A

22 April 2015 - 11:01 PM

I'm looking to acquire a set of more powerful strobes for classic wide-angle photos -- coral reef scenes, sunballs, schools of fish, large animals. So far, I've used the YS-D1s and z240s for my photography, and find them a little lacking at times in terms of illuminating power and recycling times.


I'll be using the strobes with a Nikon D810 primarily, though occasionally with a m4/3 setup (unlikely, as I keep this for lightweight travel & video).


What options are there out there for strobes significantly more powerful than the YS-D1s/z240s? I'm looking for:

  • a wide beam angle for even illumination - 110-130 degrees ideally
  • warm color. I usually shoot the z240 with the 4600k diffuser and much prefer it to the YS-D1s at 5500k.  I would appreciate having a similar or warmer color of light
  • round flash tube for more even illumination


What strobes should I research? I believe Subtronic and Seacam used to make more powerful strobes, but I'm not sure wether their current production units have any significant advantages oven the z240s. What about Ikelite? Any others? Would I be better of adding an additional 1-2 YS-D1s or z240s?


Flat ports ports for m4/3

23 August 2014 - 10:54 AM

Does anyone know if the Panasonic 45mm macro can be used in the longer port for the 60mm?


I am thinking of getting the 14-42x and either the 45mm macro or 60mm macro (or both) to cover the range of mid to close shots for macro video. Trying to figure out the optimal port configuration to fit all three lenses.


Second question is whether the 12-35mm fits in any flat ports? I believe it wouldn't work in the 65mm flat port -- but how about the special flat port for the 12-50mm? Would the 12-35mm fit in there?

Leica 45mm vs Olympus 60mm for (super) macro video on GH4

20 August 2014 - 08:12 PM

Since the GH4 has a 2.34x crop in 4k mode, it seems like there would be some advantage to using the 45mm over the 60mm for macro shooting. The 45mm already acts like a 105mm on full frame, which is about as tight as you'd want to go. The 60mm, meanwhile, acts like a 140mm lens, which is much more limiting, I would think.


The other advantage the 45mm has is the O.I.S., which should come in handy with video.


Are there any benefits to using the Olympus 60mm for video?

What to do with flooded gear

18 August 2014 - 07:46 PM

A recent flood (caused by operator hastiness) did my Nikon D800 body and 105mm macro lens in. It was in salt water, so both have salt crystals inside them now.


Is there anything I can do with them other than throw them out? Can the lens perhaps be professionally cleaned and the glass salvaged? Or are the electronics screwed?


What about the camera body? Might it still be useful for spare parts?