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In Topic: FS: Nauticam NA-7DMKII Housing and Canon 7D Mark II Camera Body

30 November 2016 - 02:44 PM

Sold! Going to Shelly in the land down under.

In Topic: Canon 5D Mark IV announced

30 August 2016 - 05:56 AM

Hi TimG, Ken Rockwell maybe uber-excited, as he is a stills photographer above all else, but I am still in the wait and see position right now. Don’t get me wrong, the new 5Dmk II has some very nice features for a stills camera, and if that is all you are doing than Compact Flash and SD cards are fine.


As for video, well… some of the features I mentioned including replacing Compact Flash with CFast would have made the camera (even without 4K) far more useful.


As for the belief that Canon does not want their still camera market encroach on their professional video line should read this http://www.eoshd.com...-fs7-at-rental/ as it raises the question whether Canon really understands that market in the first place.

In Topic: Canon 5D Mark IV announced

29 August 2016 - 03:08 PM

Perusing through all the camera discussion websites like EOSHD, Cinenma5D, Planet5D, DPReview, Canon Rumors, Philip Bloom, to name a few, I am not seeing (reading) any body really jumping up and down with excitement over this long awaited up graded 5D.


The new 30 MP FX-Format sensor with Dual Pixel AF is certainly nice and will meet most middle of the road shooting applications for stills photography.


The biggest disappointment with the release of the Canon 5D MKIV is with the video specs.


O.K. The 4K is not full frame, or even 1.3x crop like the 1DC or 1DXmk II. What sucks is that it’s down in the neighborhood of a 1.74x crop factor, which is huge considering APS-C 1.5 to 1.6x crop is closer to industry standard Super 35 format.  If you want to shoot wide, plan on having something like a FX format lens like Canon’s 8-15 f/4.


On a more realistic note, while in camera HD (1080) recording is ALL-I (good, but could have been better) there is no C-Log mode.  We do get 1080p 50p/60p, which is also fine, however anything faster lis still only 720p. The 1DX MKII does 1920 x 1080p up to 120fps.


My biggest gripe is that Canon still refuses to provide any true video functions we really can use like peaking and zebras for focusing, nor punch in focus check whilst recording.


To make matters worse, in addition to not having 4K HDMI out (so you are stuck with in camera recording of huge motion jpeg in 3GB blocks) the media cards Canon chose for this camera is yesteryears CompactFlash technology when their 1DXnk II has CFact?


Come on, really! Even Nikon had the wisdom to add XQD media to their D500 which is better than compact flash or SDXC.


In Topic: Rectilinear wide angle for Nikon DX

29 August 2016 - 01:53 PM

Tokina's newer 12-28mm works pretty well on Conan's APS-C cameras like the 7DmkII. For Nikon, would say Nikon's origanl 12-24mm f/4 lens is still a dam good option.

In Topic: FS: Ultralight. Nauticam and Aquatica arm segments and clamps

29 August 2016 - 12:02 PM

O.K. Folks, I still have the Following:

Three (two short, one long) Ultralight Control System Adaptors for Sea & Sea Strobes for $8 each, or all three for $20.


The ULCS AD-SSL Adaptors allows mounting Sea & Sea YS-series strobes like the YS-27, YS-60, YS-90, YS-110 with the rest of a strobe arm system using standard 1-inch ball and clamp systems like Ultralight and Aqautica.


Two Aquatica angled base adaptor with dovetail mounting adaptor – price $25 each

I have two Aquatica two lower arm angled base adaptors with dovetail mounting adaptor. Both base adaptors come with Ultralight Dovetail Base Plates with female dovetail groove that can be mounted on most underwater housings and camera trays. The Ultralight Dovetail Base Plates do not come with screws for housing installation. For mounting on Sea & Sea, Subal and Seacam housings, the base will require flat head model 5mm screws.


One Aquatica Universal light saddle with 1-inch ball – price $20

This Aquatica Universal light saddle features mounting bracket that clamps to the mid section of Aquatica’s non-buoyant all aluminum type arm segments.


One Nauticam Sea & Sea NX/DX Style 3-Lug Bayonet Ring – price $20

Converts Nauticam Port to Sea & Sea style bayonet mount.


Prices do not including shipping. Items will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail based on content size - $6.80 for small box, $13.45 for a medium box.