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FS: Zen 100mm Glass Fisheye Port Subal Type 4

Today, 07:00 AM

This a very lightly used Zen Underwater DP-100 S4 100mm Glass Fisheye Port for Subal housings with Type 4 port mount. The glass is very clean, with very minor marks on the dome shade. The port also comes with a Subal 15mm Extension Ring, Xit 404 Subal Type 4 Rear Port cap and a vinyl front port cover.  Selling price $750 plus shipping.


I also have two Subal Type 4 extension rings, one is a 50mm, and the other is a 40mm for sale.

You can take both for $200 USD, or individually for $125 each.


Wakatobi & Shooting Wide-angle in UwP issue 81

01 November 2014 - 04:43 AM

Underwater Photography Magazine - http://www.uwpmag.com - just came out with their latest issue and included a nice article on Wakatobi – www.wakatobi.com


Instead of following the usual tact of here is another great destination to dive, I geared more to include tips on getting good wide-angle imagery there, or anywhere else like for that matter. 

Goliath grouper under fire again!

02 January 2014 - 12:06 PM

Goliath grouper are the subject of strong opinions and divided emotions. Divers love to see these mammoth fish; underwater hunters denounce them as competitors, or covet them as outsized trophies; fishermen are just itching for a policy change that allows harvest; and regulatory bodies seem constantly poised to rescind long-term protection in favor of short-term exploitation.


Opinions abound, and the rhetoric can get heated when interest groups clash. But when cooler heads prevail, the facts emerge, and paint a picture of a species that has come back from the brink, but is still very much in need of our protection. This 7th – 9th members and staff from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, the South Atlantic Management Council and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will meet at the Key Largo Hilton in a open session to consider reopening the Goliath grouper fishery.


I have put together a very detailed feature in the latest issue (UWJ-issue_31) of the Underwater Journal that you should read if you are considering attending this meeting (the big day is the 8th), or act through petitions (http://petitions.mov...fb&r_by=9731813) and Social Media like facebook, it will help to read this story.