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#338863 Wetpixel Lembeh Workshop 2013

Posted by Walmyr Buzatto on 01 November 2013 - 03:36 AM

Instead of posting a high quality, high definition picture, I will contribute with a very weird one. I had a quick glimpse of this fish when catching up with my group, and could just take a quick - and out-of-focus - shot of it before it quickly swam out of reach. Later on I posted it on a marine aquarium forum, and one of my friends there helped me identify the fish, which is a strapweed file fish (Pseudopomachanthus macrurus). So, the first picture is my shot of a 'parcial' fish, the second one is of a 'complete' one from reefguide.org.






I guess this poor guy seeked protection from a predator but left part of his body exposed and the tail was eaten by the predator, but that's pure speculation from my part. Any other explanation?


I really should have tried better pictures of this guy, or even better, made a short movie of the fish swimming around!