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In Topic: Grass Valley Mync - videos and photo catalog and fast edit software

13 July 2017 - 07:59 AM


 Vee-Hive was the nearest thing I could find when I last researched this but will it be there in the long-term and support future formats?

Hi Nick. Been a long time...


Vee-Hive (and, indeed, all other DirectShow-based video applications) don't support *any* media formats by themselves. They are all reliant on DirectShow filters being developed and made available for Windows, i.e. if you have the right filter for the job installed. then Vee-Hive can play anything. I always recommend (and check for its presence when the program is first run) LAV Filters as a one-stop shop for this purpose; LAV is truly a great, modern filter set for Windows and is actively maintained.