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Strobe Problem with Wide Angle

01 August 2005 - 10:00 PM

I have a Sea & Sea 5000G with 0.6X Wide Conversion lense and YS-90 Strobe. On many of my pictures I am getting what looks like a reflection of light in the upper left at about the 10 o'clock position. Sometimes it is a single curved stroke of white but can also be two or three curved strokes changing from white to magenta. Sometimes will get in both the 10 o'clock position and 4 o'clock position, usually when I get two or three stokes. Have attached two examples of problem. Pictures taken with same f stop, speed and ISO. It does not happen all the time. When I am in very close it seems not to be a problem. After looking at the exif data/properties I at first thought this problem was associated with large lens openings ie f 8.1 more often than f 4.7 or f 2.5. But after really looking at number of pics taken with each f stop there really was not a correlation. I also supected something on the lense, port etc. but found nothing and problem continued to occur after a though cleaning and checking with magnifying lense. This problem only occurs when using the wide angle lense and strobe. HELP!!

Ron :o