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Ikelite DS-51 questions

08 September 2011 - 01:07 AM


I have an Ikelite 100A, using it on Manual with a Canon 5D MKII, and consider purchasing a Ikelite - 3944.52 Substrobe DS-51 Package as a second light. I'd be happy if anyone could confirm I could combine these two lights - shooting manually all the way presumably.

Second question: will the DS-51 be sufficient by itself as fill light with wide angle in pictures like these examples (taken with the old 100A) : http://archive.felix...0000JpjLzJxfVcQ http://archive.felix...00000DNnXVrhGV0 http://archive.felix...0000hnTScgvhih8 ?

It seems like a handy size flash for travelling, and I think perhaps in tropical waters at depths shallower than 20m I might not need more for the kind of pictures I am looking to do.

One option perhpas would be to buy two of these and loose the old 100A altogether?? For weight it seems I'd get two new flashes for the wheight of one old (the 100A is 3.5 pounds ~ 1.6 kg and the DS-51 is 1.3 lbs ~ 0.59 kg) . Pluss TTL

Any thoughts? Thanks.