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HAVE: 5Dmkii in Ikelite WANTS: less weight/bulk

20 July 2017 - 03:09 AM

At the moment I am shooting UW with a canon 5Dmk ii  + EF15mm in an Ikelite housing with handles. I use both the Ikelite 8" domeport and a 5" Underwater Camera Stuff dome. I have strobes, but often travel without them when freediving. Still I find this set up to be bulky and heavy, especially as I often carry more kit for land photography in addition to my UW stuff. 


In terms of image quality I am actually happy with this 10 year old technology, it serves me well.     

So I wonder if there are any more modern set ups that can match the 5D mkii image quality BUT does so with a significantly reduced size and weight?   :uwphotog:


(Wide angle is my only interest, no need for macro etc. )