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In Topic: New Panasonic GX8

27 May 2016 - 12:22 AM

The 4KPHOTO mode's on the newer Panasonic's run at a  minimum of 1/125 shutter speed, so you can extract good sharp stills, however its a bit of a odd situation.


You can't get particularly good stills from the normal movie modes, due to slowish shutter speeds (if you want a filmic look) yet you can't get particularly good video from the 4KPHOTO mode, due to it having a very video look from the high shutter speeds.

In Topic: which brand(s) for reliable clamps

24 May 2016 - 11:47 PM

I've got ULCS, i-Das and Nauticam


By far the Nauticam ones are the best, I can obtain a tighter grip than the others. I've now replaced (at great expense!) all my clamps for Nauticam ones.

In Topic: Gear Update Confusing! Any input appreciated

17 May 2016 - 10:53 PM

I've had a number of camera housings over the years, casio's, canon's, olympus and now Nauticam with my GH4 and with each iteration the housing, the carryon bag, the weight has got bigger and bigger... (from under .5kg to almost 8kg!)


One thing I've noticed is that before I used to go diving and take the camera, now I go diving to take photos.


Are the photos any better? Yeah for sure. Are they that much better - not sure.


For my last holiday (with the wife) I got the Nikon AW130 - and enjoyed diving for diving again.


Just my 2c

In Topic: GH4 - Nauticam Macro Lens/Port Thoughts

17 May 2016 - 12:51 AM


So I guess you need to buy the zoom gear and substitute one of the three pieces for the printed one. Am I right?


Yep, that about it.


The zoom gear has springs and is actually quite complicated - not something personally I could design and print. So I needed the zoom gear and modified it.


Jussi at deep shots might have a more skilled hand than I - and maybe a better printer to do a more complete custom piece.

In Topic: Achieving neutral buoyancy on camera setup

12 May 2016 - 01:33 AM

Some of this advice seems a bit bizarre - adding floats AND weights. I think all that is needed are floats to achieve neutral buoyancy of the whole rig - or am I missing something?


The problem with a neutral rig, is that it could potentially be neutral in the water, however due to large domes, the pivotal point is not centred - but more towards the front. So it will float Dome side up (not what you want, as you will always be fighting the rig to keep it pointing forwarding. So adding counter weights to the dome will bring it back down.