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In Topic: Are people leaving micro four thirds?

Today, 08:34 AM

I think Sony have seriously changed the game with the A7 series.

Full frame, 4K, 120fps, IBIS, amazing low light etc etc.

I think they have stolen a few m43 users who maybe would of considered a EM1 or GH4 if it was only Nikon or Canon still on FF.

Even thou the A7 bodies are of similar size to a M43 body, you still have the much larger lenses (and so housings)

For me, m43 still makes lots of sense for underwater with its much smaller size and weight - and features. Im staying!

As to the lack of excitement on the lens front, the new ones appear to not offer anything new, only 'improvements' same FoV etc just faster than existing lenses, so those who want an 8mm fisheye have it already.

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In Topic: Red filters for GH4

27 April 2016 - 10:05 AM

I know the 'scene' is poor and so to the vis, but I hope the colours show at least what I'm trying to convey


Taken at the same time (at 15m'ish) on the same dive.


No Filter - Manual White Balance

Attached File  no filter.jpg   52.25KB   3 downloads


UR Pro 'Red' Filter - Manual White Balance

Attached File  filter.jpg   40.63KB   3 downloads


Adding +30 Sat in Post to the No Filter File:

Attached File  30 sat.jpg   37.49KB   3 downloads


Using a White Balance Slate and Sceney Profile.


This made me realise the GH4 does a pretty good job without one.

In Topic: Color Managed Video player..... OMG!!!!!!

26 April 2016 - 11:22 PM

I agree that the Scenery profile is much more suited for the Panasonic's underwater. I'm too much happier with it now I'm running that profile.


(Which was your suggestion a few months back)

In Topic: PADI Photographer White Balance Slate - Gray Scale

26 April 2016 - 10:50 PM

'Grey' for White balancing isn't a specific 'grey', can by 18%, can be anything really - the main issue for using a grey card for white balancing is that the card is completely Neutral, so the R,G,B values read off of it are the same - The PADI card is indeed pretty neutral - and its a Matte finish too, which helps.


The only issue I would say with the PADI card, is thats its quite dark (for grey) - so some cameras might not like it and refuse to WB off, of it.


Don't forget its a $15 card also - they will not be checking the consistency of the neutrality of their cards, unlike XRite or DSCLabs - but for us underwater I think its pretty close.

In Topic: Red filters for GH4

21 April 2016 - 04:23 AM

That is much more elegant than cutting tiny pieces of magic filter and sticking on the 7-14mm