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In Topic: 4K downscale vs 1080p

Today, 02:59 AM

... however the LX100 doesn't take 1:1 pixels and operates from 4112 to 3840 on the horizontal axis. 



I think this is why you don't see any benefit from downscaling the 4K to 1080p - as the 4K mode from the LX100 is already performing some pixel squeezing.


I think its only the GH4 that is taking a pure 1:1 4k centre crop from the sensor.


The GX8 sensor has a greater crop (due to being 20MP) in 4K mode - and I think (from cameralabs review) its 4K mode is also not a pure 1:1 pixel reading


I wish they would give use the options

1. Use full width of sensor for 4k - but loose quality

2. Use 1:1 centre pixels - but lose some wide angle

In Topic: 4K downscale vs 1080p

Today, 02:45 AM

My choice would be shoot and edit in 4K and deliver in 1080.


With FCPX I would also transcode to ProRes, so the system isn't having to transcode on the fly. Working with the higher resolution images will provide more scope for color correction, stabalisation etc, plus noise reduction applied to a 4k file and then down sample really does clean up the noise.


The only downside to all this is that we (at the moment) lack 4k 60fps and we have to live with sensor crops so taking away some of the wide angle benefits of our lenses.

In Topic: 4K downscale vs 1080p

Today, 01:18 AM

From a GH4 perspective.


The Internal 1080p is much softer vs taking a 4k file and putting in on a 1080p project timeline, the same is also true for some reason when getting the GH4 to downsample the 4k to 1080p via the HDMI port.


I think its due to the internal 1080p mode taking the whole width of the sensor and squeezing it to 1080p, where as the 4k > 1080 its a straight 4 pixels into 1 pixel downscale.

In Topic: Anyone used a 'Deeproof Housing Carrier' with a FlexiTray?

Today, 12:14 AM

Aluminium, its a just a guess, weight it by hand with bags of nuts I have on my desk.  :)

In Topic: Anyone used a 'Deeproof Housing Carrier' with a FlexiTray?

Today, 12:06 AM

About 110g at a guess