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Today, 10:55 AM

I've got a P3Pro. Had real good intentions to take it away with me on trips, take it to the beach etc etc.

I've hardly used it. Flown it I would honestly say 7 or 8 times since Jan.

It's just too big for causal use.

I can't justify a Mavic due to having an almost new P3 sat here. But I'm sorely tempted. This thing can be taken anywhere. If/when it drops below €900. I'll get one and off load the P3 at a massive loss.

Mavic. No question.

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In Topic: Color Correcting Purple Water

Yesterday, 03:50 AM

This is a great thread!

I couldn't correct the whale shark for toffee. Need to have another go. Couldn't get anywhere near the results you got. Kudos.

But here is my for the reef sharks:



After (with Neatavideo)


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In Topic: Color Correcting Purple Water

22 October 2016 - 12:00 AM

Dreifish. The corrections you made to the footage really make it better.

This is actually quite an interesting discussion. As it's all very subjective.

I had a play with the footage myself yesterday (also with CF Pro) and ended up with a slightly different variant. I tend to step away for a day and have another look as the longer you spend on a clip the worse it can become. Some stuff I've done is horrible, looking back!

Apart from the above you did with CF, I added another couple of CF layers and masked off the diver with shape and colour mask and made the black less saturated on the suit, while not blowing the tank highlights (while keeping everything under 100IRE) I also (tried to) neutralise the skin tones.

Perhaps we should have a show and tell of the same frame grab and see how everyone has a different view on correcting and can learn from others what they do. As looking at mine and yours. I prefer your blues!

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In Topic: Island of the Gods - Bali

21 October 2016 - 10:55 AM

Loved it. I actually loved the intro, the aerials. Everything. So much nicer than the standard diving videos, which most of us are guilty of - straight into the underwater stuff.

Really lead you into the area you were diving.

Lovely mix of WA, divers, macro.

And again. That bloody Canon of yours really showing us how MWB should work. Deep blues and lovely balanced foregrounds.

Only thing I would say. Would be to add a bit of post stabilisation to the underwater stuff on the parts where you are going over / pass stuff. But I'll being real picky !

Again. Great stuff!

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In Topic: Atomos Flame Housing

20 October 2016 - 11:36 PM

Howdy Drefish,


Alas I've been away working, so my planned trip to the Red Sea was put off, and the local beach I have here locally is utter rubbish for diving, let alone uw camera stuff.


I have had it in the pool - and I'll see if I can get in there again this weekend. But so far:

+ Major upgrade in stability, when I get the GH5 with IBIS I can see footage being silky smooth.

+ The top bar and tray, really make the rig strong.

+ Amazing detail and 'WYSWYG' on the screen

+ Lovely bright and colourful screen, compared to my Ninja2

+ Waveform and Zebras monitoring for ETTR

+ Focusing is spot on, can really see what is or isn't in focus

+ 10bit Prores 4k is a world apart from h264, I will never shoot in h264 again!


- Not ideal screen position - very close to you, but perhaps I just need to get used to that, but at the moment I'm holding it out in front more.

- Heavy

- As I'm recording in 10bit, I can't have the GH4's info displayed externally, so changing settings, I need to 'flip' the flame up to see the screen for changes for example to WB, ISO etc.