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HMS Hermes - Sri Lanka (4K with GH4)

17 June 2014 - 11:25 PM

Just got back from our trip from diving on the HMS Hermes in Sri Lanka.



Amazing diving, warm waters and the wreck is lovely...


Although in the planning for a few months and the housing/camera etc being on order since Jan - I didn't get any real chance of getting in the water with it before hand - straight to 50m!! HAHA So overall I'm so-so with the footage.


These DSLR video type rigs, really need some 'Pitch' buoyancy as all the floatation arms are on the Roll Axis, so making the camera very sensitive to backwards / forwards movement, I see Edmond mounts his Ninja2 behind the camera - which I will have a look at to try and give the camera more stability.

For Sale: NEW PELI 0915 SD Card Case

16 May 2014 - 01:57 AM

For Sale.


A CUSTOMISED PELI 0915 / 0955 SD Card Case.


I wanted to get the Peli case, as its strong and for us a lot here its water proof! :)

However the case they sell (the 0915) in my opinion has too many SD Card 'slots' I don't have 6 SDs let alone 12! :)


So I purchased a 0915 Case AND a 0955 'Sport Wallet' which share the same outer housing but are fitted with different inserts. Yeah a few quid for a SD card holder! Haha!


I've now created a 0915 with one half SD Card holder, one half Sport Wallet :) Which is much more useful, one side for cards, other side for well... Card Reader. Grease, O-Rings whatever :D


I've just received them today and apart from opening the sealed packet and swapping the inserts, they are new.

So I'm selling the 'other' half I don't need :)




Travelling - Viewing, Editing, Backup (4K, FCPX, 100's GBs etc)

03 May 2014 - 12:34 AM

This no doubt has been asked a few times - I did do a search, but many threads never had a definitive answer... so...
With this in mind, I've been pondering how best to organise myself for frequent trips with my cameras and recorders (GH4, GoPro, Ninja2).
Would Like:
  • SD to USB3 HDD Transfer (fast-ish)
  • Playback of 4K Material
  • Simple Organising / Editing (Binning / Flagging etc)
Previously I had a Samsung 700T ATIV Windows 8.1 Tablet thing, which I installed OSX on it (hated Windows8) so I could use FCPX. It was big, lacking in space and I hated the screen size (as it used the native resolution - so everything was tiny) but it had USB3.0 and I could work with it and 2TB USB Drives.
I sold the 700T (as by the time I added the keyboard thing to it, it wasn't much smaller than my 15" Mac, so the last few trips I've taken my 15" Retina Mac with me, but its a pain...
Too be honest that is too big for me (as I'm on the limit of hand luggage anyway!) so I'm now looking at alternatives..
  1. Kingston MobileLite Wifi Thing 
    I purchased one for like €40 last week to have a play, and it works well with my iPhone for transferring from an SD Card to a 2TB USB Drive (supports exFAT) - but alas its only USB2 and the transfer speeds I get are 10.5MB/s - so working with 100Mbps 4K files - working out HOURS! to transfer stuff - and I have no real way of viewing the footage (Wifi payback stop/starts on the iPhone)
  2. Android Device with USB3.0 and a OTG Cable
    Only one I can find is the Galaxy Note 3 - But I haven't found any real world use of doing SD <> HDD transfer with one? And its an expensive thing to go and buy to find out it doesn't work
  3. Apple Mac Air 11"
    Much smaller than my Retina machine, similar size to a 10" tablet, light, but a low screen res (1366x768) - and I'm not sure if the i5 1.4GHz processor will play back 4K h.264 files?
  4. SurfacePro2
    I know, I know Windows 8. But nice screen, USB3.0, Slim keyboard. No FCPX.
    I'm not Hackintoshing anymore - too many issues (Wifi, iCloud etc etc)
Any thoughts?

Making the FlexiTray Stronger..

26 April 2014 - 01:06 AM

After attaching my NA-NINJA2 to my NA-GH3 - it came apparent that I need to brace the Flexitray to the housing to get everything stronger. For the bigger (and now some Mirrorless Housings) Nauticam neither incorporate the handles into the housing - or provide screw in brackets to attach the housing to the Flexitray - the NA-GH3 doesn't have these - nor to many others.






So using 2x ULCS Triple Clamps and a 200mm arm (here I'm using a cheap i-Das one) and tie wrapping it to the Ball Connector on the housing (in the photo, just above the i-Das logo), I've strengthened the Flexitry and made the whole unit more solid. The good thing about all this, is that it all comes apart for easy travelling.

Anyone got any better ideas? Done it a different way?


FS: Panasonic GH3 Body

08 April 2014 - 01:24 AM

For Sale

Is my lightly used (and in Immaculate condition)  Panasonic GH3.

Its an NTSC version, so doesn't have the stupid EU 29:59min limit - and has 30/60fps.

£600 ono + delivery.

I can post photos - but its just a GH3 with its box (and all accessories) (happy).gif

Yes.... can't afford to have both the GH3 and GH4 and I'll have to pay for the preorder soon!!