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Atomos Shogun and 4K 4:2:2 10bit - Maybe / Maybe Not

15 December 2014 - 06:30 AM

Howdy All...


Anyone seen the news on the new Odyssey 7Q+ ? Not looking good for 4K 10bit at the moment...


Quotes from Mitch Gross (from CD who make the Odyssey)


"...The official technical spec for HDMI 1.4a or 1.4b states a maximum data threshold of 4K 4:2:2 8-bit. Both the Odyssey7Q+ and the Shogun (according to Atoms published spec) use this HDMI connectivity, so therefore we should both be limited by it.

Video input/loop out
HDMI 1 x HDMI (1.4b)
SDI 1 x 4K-SDI 12G/6G or HD-SDI 3G/1.5G (SMPTE)
Signal Uncompressed 10/8bit 4:2:2 (camera dependent)
I think some people have been confused by this, but you can also look up the technical spec of HDMI 1.4b yourself. It can only handle 4K at 8-bit. The "Signal" spec above refers to both HDMI and SDI, or at least that's the way I read it. So in that regard, the capabilities of the Odyssey7Q+ and the Shogun match, in that we both can capture 4K 10-bit over SDI and both capture 4K 8-bit over HDMI...."

FlexiTray Trigger - Need someone who has a NA-BMPCC!

10 December 2014 - 08:36 AM

Hi All,


Because I'm tight and not made of money, so not going to buy the NA-GH4 for the time being for just for the trigger, I'm looking at fudging together a grip Trigger for my NA-GH3 on a FlexiTray similar to the one on the BMPCC.


I've looked at others, but the NA-BMPCC trigger is the best one to base my idea on I think!  I've looked at the photos on ReefPhoto and I can guess at the mechanics of it.


But if anyone has a housing and would be willing to take some photos of it and describe how it works, that would be sweet, as it appears to have the trigger on one pivot and then another to press down on the housing button.


Thanks :)



Anyone used a 'Deeproof Housing Carrier' with a FlexiTray?

30 November 2014 - 03:27 AM

Hi All,


Anyone used the 'Deeproof Housing Carrier for Nauticam Housings' - here:


Deeproof Housing Carrier for Nauticam Housings


With a Nautical FlexiTray II ?



HMS Hermes - Sri Lanka (4K with GH4)

17 June 2014 - 11:25 PM

Just got back from our trip from diving on the HMS Hermes in Sri Lanka.



Amazing diving, warm waters and the wreck is lovely...


Although in the planning for a few months and the housing/camera etc being on order since Jan - I didn't get any real chance of getting in the water with it before hand - straight to 50m!! HAHA So overall I'm so-so with the footage.


These DSLR video type rigs, really need some 'Pitch' buoyancy as all the floatation arms are on the Roll Axis, so making the camera very sensitive to backwards / forwards movement, I see Edmond mounts his Ninja2 behind the camera - which I will have a look at to try and give the camera more stability.

For Sale: NEW PELI 0915 SD Card Case

16 May 2014 - 01:57 AM

For Sale.


A CUSTOMISED PELI 0915 / 0955 SD Card Case.


I wanted to get the Peli case, as its strong and for us a lot here its water proof! :)

However the case they sell (the 0915) in my opinion has too many SD Card 'slots' I don't have 6 SDs let alone 12! :)


So I purchased a 0915 Case AND a 0955 'Sport Wallet' which share the same outer housing but are fitted with different inserts. Yeah a few quid for a SD card holder! Haha!


I've now created a 0915 with one half SD Card holder, one half Sport Wallet :) Which is much more useful, one side for cards, other side for well... Card Reader. Grease, O-Rings whatever :D


I've just received them today and apart from opening the sealed packet and swapping the inserts, they are new.

So I'm selling the 'other' half I don't need :)