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In Topic: Red Sea St. John's

02 December 2014 - 04:25 AM

Hi, thank you!


For macro pics and wideangle shots without flashes I am always correcting WB which is quite tricky IMHO. AWB for wideangle/fisheye with flashes (1x Ikelite DS-125, 1x Ikelite DS-161) is performing well usually.

In Topic: Red Sea St. John's

16 October 2014 - 01:07 AM

Thank you for your comments! I wasn't even thinking about WB of the first picture, but I will check it as soon as I am at home. I have to look through the pics if I find some other decent shots, but during the dives I had to do a lot of try & error as I wasn't very experienced with taking suitable fisheye/wideangle pics.


@Jack: I hope you'll have a great time there. I was on the Seawolf Dominator, which is a nice boat with a great crew and superb kitchen. The only annoying thing was the nervous guide...

In Topic: Sony a7 / Sea of Cortez - Pics

24 September 2014 - 08:40 AM

Very nice shots! I really like the fifth. Good news for you: Sony announced a 90mm macro and a 16-35 wideangle lens which should be very useful for underwater too. What is missing is a decent fisheye lens but I think so far the Nikonos does just fine.


Hope to see some more shots!

In Topic: Sony A7 with 24-70 & Nik 15mm

09 May 2014 - 05:19 AM

Thank you Mark Twain...

When I start doing my research, a local dealer told me that I have to pay 1K just for the cabling. Apparently it is not. There is such an inexpensive flash cable connecting the hotshoe.

The A7 does not focus as fast as my other full frame DSLRs like D800/5D3. I have all those essential macro/wide lenses for the Nikon/Canon but as for A7, I have to wait for the newer wide/macro lenses. One way to get around is to use LAEA2/LAEA4 adapter to use old Sony/Minolta lenses. However, Nauticam housing does have space to accommodate the adapter.


I also have an A77 which I believe has image quality exactly same as your A65. Well if I shoot only in RAW, with two flash gun firing at ISO 50, I believe both have great quality.


1K just for cabling? That sounds way to much. Unfortunately I'm not well informed about flash possibilities on Nauticam housings as Ikelite delivers a all-round carefree package, but as far as I am concerned a dual sync cable in Nikonos' 5 pin style should not cost more than 200 € (with which you can use two Inon Z 240 I think which makes an ultra compact package).


Autofocus improved much with on-sensor phase detection but is still behind DSLR what I've heard so far. But with E-mount lenses I'm convinced that autofocus speed is more than sufficient for underwater and land usage)!


For Fisheye you could use the Nikonos wet fisheye lens, Nauticam has an adapter for it if I remember correctly. Macro is still an issue, I hope, Sony will release a decent macro lens within this year. Alternatively you can use the 28-70 kit lens with Nauticam's wet diopter in the meantime (sample images: http://nauticam.smug...161&k=CWXW5B3).


Maybe some lenses will fit into ports with the LA-EA2 adapter so you can use a macro lens (e.g. sony 100mm A-mount) but you need the exact dimensions to test this out.


A77 and A65 have the same sensor, nevertheless the A65 won't let you choose 50 ISO ;) IQ is great in my opinion (with ISO 1.600 maximum).

In Topic: Sony A7 with 24-70 & Nik 15mm

07 May 2014 - 02:57 AM

I went to Nauticam's website...and fail to find a system chart of all the necessary port/flash/cabling chart.


Regarding ports:


"A new port system was designed for this camera… the SLR port opening was too large, meaning that the housing would be too large, and the existing mirrorless system port opening is too small for some of the lenses expected in the new Sony FE lens lineup. So, a new line of intermediate size ports is required and is being delivered with this housing." (from the nauticam.com)


I guess here are the available ports for the A7: http://www.nauticam....list-b.asp?id=6


Regarding flash:


"The NA-A7 includes a pre-installed Nikonos style 5-pin bulkhead with universal hotshoe connection (x and ground connection only) installed, enabling manual control of the most commonly available strobes, such as the Inon Z-240 or Sea&Sea YS-D1. Additional strobe firing options will be announced at a later date." (from nauticam.com)