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In Topic: Snoot for Inon Z-240

01 March 2018 - 07:07 AM

Thank you all for your replies! I already ordered a Retra snoot and will use it on my dive trip to the Red Sea in June; I hope I can test it extensively prior to that in fresh water.


The snoot holder by Retra is a bit expensive for a nylon bag in my opinion. I'll have a look if I can make a DIY solution that fits my needs  ;-) 

In Topic: Snoot for Inon Z-240

27 February 2018 - 08:35 AM

With the Retra, I can use apertures like I'm used to when I'm not using a snoot, the light loss is minimal. Because the light loss is far less then with a normal snoot, you can also see the focus light much better. This makes aiming your snoot a lot easier, specially during the daytimes.


As for the weight: this is mostly a "problem" out of the water, underwater the Retra is negative for sure, but not very much.


I never take my Retra off the Z240 underwater, when I want to take a picture without a snoot, I turn on my second strobe (also Z240)




many thanks for your reply. I think I will go for the Retra. Nevertheless, I think when using a wide angle lens and not a macro I still want to take some snooted pictures (see the first picture here for an example of what I mean) every now and then - and if not, I have to take the Retra off. Well, we will see how everything works out in the end ;-)


I'm quite happy that you can confirm that the Z-240's modeling light is quite good visible.



In Topic: Maldives 2018, Sony A6300

27 February 2018 - 08:30 AM

Beautiful pictures, many thanks for sharing! I especially like the second one though it is really hard to pick a favourite. Great work!

In Topic: Inon Z-240 vs. Sea & Sea YS-D2

22 April 2017 - 11:54 AM

I'm glad that I have bought Z-240ies from what I've heard about Sea & Sea so far. The knobs are definitely to small and to numerous, especially in comparison to my previously owned DS-161/125 and the battery compartment is a bit fuzzy - but what counts in the end is reliability.


Unfortunately I did not have many occasions where I could try out my new strobes but in a few days I'm going on a trip to the Red Sea and I will report more after that.