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#342318 DIY housing for E-M5

Posted by T.J.L. on 23 January 2014 - 03:02 PM

You are welcome. I think sharing more than just a couple of pics of the finished product is important especially for those who would like to do something similar. I will write in more detail at a better time but now its late again so a single pic will have to do.


The past few days have been long and I have not gotten enough sleep but I hope and think that now the most difficult parts are almost finished. Today I turned the port which turned out pretty beautiful if I may say so. The surface finish you can get by turning with sharp carbide inserts is pretty amazing. A little polishing and the part is ready for anodization. The port still needs mounting holes which I will probably make tomorrow.




I was planning to get the parts anodized by a professional but due to the tight schedule I might do it myself. Tomorrow I will shop around for DIY anodizing stuff; buckets, battery acid and some dyes. This way I can also anodize the buttons whenever I want to, although there is no guarantee of the quality of the results. My coworkers also take part in the costs and building the setup so that will make my job a bit easier.

#342224 DIY housing for E-M5

Posted by T.J.L. on 21 January 2014 - 08:36 PM

Good morning everyone. It's 6 am in here and I just got home after finishing machining the body. I didn't really plan on machining the whole night but that's just how it often goes; you think something takes three hours and six hours later it is still not ready. A pretty long day and night but I think the result is worth it.