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Yesterday, 09:46 PM

Yes sir, that would be me..
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Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Try clicking the "more reply options", bottom right corner to add images.    "Choose File"  then "Attach This File"  then click "add to post" 
This one is 900 x 600.  Give it a try and let us know if you have any problems.
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You can also just paste in a link to the image if it's already on the web, (Flickr, your website, etc.)
There is also our advanced uploader (requires Flash9) that I haven't tried yet, 

In Topic: Raja Ampat 2014

18 December 2014 - 04:22 AM

So many amazing images Tim. Congratulations! From all appearances it was well worth some travel hassles.


In Topic: A rivers born

15 December 2014 - 04:56 AM

Thanks for sharing it with us. So much fun to see fresh water done well.


In Topic: Long exposure time/night dive/painting with light

13 December 2014 - 09:53 AM

Hi Ronni,

I havent tried Light painting underwater yet but we've been thinking about it a fair amount.  I got hooked on light painting up in the air and love the creative possibilities.  I'd recommend thinking about using multiple exposures of 30 sec since thats the max on most cameras without resorting to a bulb shutter setting which will be tough in a housing.  The other benefit is our cameras have much less noise than if used for a long enough exposure to paint light on a shipwreck.  My 7D gets very noisy at long exposures.  I've made it work as long as 20 minutes but the work in post is not worth it.  


It's much easier to layer multiple 30 sec exposure images using PS "Lighten"  blend mode.  I use Lightroom to capture the files then select all the images I want to take to PS, right click inside one of them and you'll get the option to make all of the selected images layers in one Photoshop file.  Blend in Lighten mode and the lightest, (most lit) portions of each file show up. Crazy easy way to make light painting images


I've played with the technique on land quite a bit but havent had the opportunity top to try it underwater.  A stable fixed location tripod will be a must, and will be much easier with two folks, one on the camera and one with a light.  We use our Solas on land, nice even wide light.  Possibilities with shipwrecks and large areas of reef are fascinating to think about.  Its alot of fun to be in front of the camera with a light but remain unseen.


When you combine the lightpainting with other composite techniques you can have all kinds of fun.  Heres an example of the land using the technique described. It's 12 images combined in Photoshop, made over a period off about 4 hours. No flash was used, all the light from our Solas for the jeeps and a 3 million candle power 12 v light on a motorcycle  battery for the cactus and background.    Would love to hear more about what you're planning to shoot.  


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