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In Topic: Wearing B/C on airliner

Today, 11:41 AM

It does seem a little strange in that there are heavier pieces of gear to worry about.  But why not, back in the day we use to wear our weight belts under our shirts on the flight from TJ to Cabo to avoid paying ridiculous Mexican Airlines baggage fees. We were diving off our own boat and too cheap to buy extra weights.  Clearly that was in the days before metal detectors (circa 1978) and it felt unbelievably good to dump that sucker on the seat cushion after lugging it through the airport.  I remember being very happy when a shop opened we could rent from.


Which brings up a good point, why not rent the BC in Hawaii?


What ever works,


In Topic: Lightroom CC just released

22 April 2015 - 08:13 PM

I've been very impressed with the performance upgrade with the addition of the graphics processor.  I also like the ability to do panos without having to go to PS and I really like the new removal brush when using the Grad filter tool. It will get a lot of use on my over/unders. I haven't tried face recognition with fish yet. That might change your mind Alex, think of all the friends you could name.   :bananashark:  


Be sure and take advantage of the somewhat hidden upgrade price $79 if your using the stand alone version as opposed to renting the software on the Cloud.  


For that price it's definitely worth the upgrade for me just for the added performance.  I've tried it on my older PC and the new MacPro.  Both systems came up without a problem,  




In Topic: 8 inch vs mini dome with 10-17 and 1.4X question

20 April 2015 - 10:12 PM

Hi Johhy,


Nice images! I used the 8-15mm with my 4 inch Zen dome and loved the results.  According to the Nauticam port charts you need a 30mm port extension  with the the Nauticam 4.33.  As always I'd double check with one of our sponsors before any purchase.  Some of the Zen domes have changed their length over time like the DP100.  Better to check to make sure of the correct extension.




In Topic: Is it possible to test a wet lens above water?

06 April 2015 - 04:38 PM

Hey Robert,

Just for the record this is why Neptune gave us hot tubs;


Attached File  Hot tub Portrait 12 LOW RES.jpg   80.34KB   10 downloads


A wonderful place to test lenses and with enough wine the pictures look pretty good too.


Good luck,


In Topic: first lightroom edited photo. critique, please.

04 April 2015 - 10:43 PM

Hi q

Welcome to Wetpixel!  Thanks for sharing your image.  I have a couple of things you could try and see what you think.  

-To my eye the entire background has some fuzzy green spots in it.  The easiest way to mod this would be to pull the blacks left in the tone adjustment area, about 30 or so should do it.

-Recommend you use the spot removal tool to get rid of that chuck floating along the top edge

-Might want to go for a more subtle focus on the nudi by going to the Effects area and pulling a little post crop vignette , maybe around 30 or so,  The green bottom is kind of nondescript and doesn't do much for me

-I'd try adding just a touch of Vibrance to pop the orange, maybe +13 to start


Then I'd think about playing with the crop, you have all kinds of pixels starting with the 5D MKII image.  I think you could try to bring the nudi just a touch lower in the frame, maybe try it around the "rule of thirds "position, see what you think.  I hate rules for composition as a general habit but sometime they just work.

It's easy to get a little carried away and "overcook" your files so take it easy,  Maybe something like this;


Attached File  SW_q_1.jpg   177.92KB   48 downloads


I think you'll find that Lightroom gives you all the tools you need to process your file and create the image you want.  Google Doug Sloss and his Lightroom video for underwater imagery, well worth the price for unique underwater situations.  You should also checkout Erin Quigley at Go ask Erin or her stuff on the Backscatter site.  She's wonderful.  There are lots of Adobe resources out there, like http://tv.adobe.com/product/lightroom/ 


Most importantly have fun with it, always remember, if it feels painful you're doing it wrong.