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Paleontologist asking for our help on Nautilus Photos

28 August 2014 - 08:50 PM

Hey friends,

I got an email from Dr Peter Ward of the Sprigg Institute of Geobiology at the University of Adelaide asking for our help.  He is doing research on the Nautilus and would like to find out if the images on one of our old threads were truly taken in Milne Bay.  He would also appreciate seeing any any photos of Nautilus from Indonesia and or the Solomons.  



From: Dr. Peter Ward

There are two photos published on an old thread on Wetpixel:   This member non active. I am doing the DNA and conservation of Nautilus. We REALLY need to know if the photos posted there are from Milne Bay? Could you help us with some critical science and poll members, or anyway you can to get NAUTILUS photos from Milne Bay?

Peter Ward



The photos were made by our member ATJ.  Andrew hasn't been active here in a while but I'll try an old email for him and see if he can help.


Unfortunately for me, I've never been to Milne Bay or even seen much less photographed a Nautilus so I'm no help.   Does anyone have Nautilus images from the area?   In the mean time I'll try to get him signed up on Wetpixel so he can answer any of your questions directly.