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In Topic: Kinefinity and Beyond

16 April 2014 - 12:56 AM

Slap an auto-focus-lock lens on it, stick it in a housing, and I'll take it diving...

In Topic: AJA CION looks interesting

15 April 2014 - 04:45 PM

It might produce some very nice footage.

But, in a housing, it will be big!


In Topic: Creating a black background on your videoshots

23 February 2014 - 06:45 AM

1. Shoot at night or either end of the day when it's relatively dark.
2. Make sure that the lights cover only the subject.
3. Manual control of the iris / aperture so that the auto exposure doesn't try to make the whole frame brighter.
4. Increase the contrast / lower the blacks when editing.

In Topic: Bioluminescent waves in San Diego (2011)

11 February 2014 - 04:43 AM


In Topic: CheungyDiver Broke His Leg

10 February 2014 - 03:13 AM

Just visited him at the hospital.


He will recover as there is no nerve damage but it is a bad break.  Just below the knee.  So, the doctors have to immobilise it with an external structure for a couple of weeks and then put a pin in the bone.


He's at one of Singapore's best hospitals with great doctors so he'll be OK.


But, he is already bored with not being able to move.