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Sony 30mm macro lens + wet Inon lenses, why it dosen't work?

08 March 2014 - 02:50 AM


I just bought Sony nex5n together with 30mm lens for macro. On the front of the port I can put adapter for M67 thread. 

I do not have too much experience with macro, I prefer WAL but because I still have some lenses from my compact camera I simply put in on the front and I took some pictures ... then I found that there is no significant difference with inon UCL165 and/or UCL330 and without them.

Is the reason for that is just short focusing distance of the 30mm lens or what .... I am a bit confused.

What kind of wet lens You can recommend me to get a bit more than 1:1, I want to take super macro pictures.


I have limited time (just 1 week) before next trip, so is the idea to buy telephoto converter x2 for land use is the good idea or just stupid?



Sony RX100 versus Sony Nex5n

23 January 2014 - 01:58 AM

Is there anybody who can estimate or try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of that two setups:


1. Sony RX100 in Aquapazza housing + InonUWL H100+dome unit  versus 2. Sony Nex5N in Aquapazza housing with Samyang 8mm and dome port ??


RX100 is a bit smaller

Nex 5N offer higher ISO


When I compared image sharpness of the 16mm pancake lens + wide angle converter on Nex5N with RX100 and Inon wet lens, then I did not found too big difference. But the Samyang 8mm lens seems to be a bit better, and would give wider view, instead of the RX100 plus Inon. 


Disadvantages of Samyang 8mm is 30 cm focusing distance and manual focus.


Please give me some arguments to change the system or not. 

I am interested mainly with WAL. 




How important is CCD size?

14 January 2014 - 01:10 PM

I started UWP just few years ago with compact camera Oly XZ-1. With small strobes and Inon lens I can do images sharp in corners at f around 4. Then the same lens I attached to Sony RX-100. To obtain similar sharpness and constant Iso=100 I have to close aperture up to f 6 or 8. Now I started to think about changing for DSLR. In tests of lenses I see that wide lens has to be closed to f 14 or 16 .

If I want to get sharp images in the corners, what is the advantage of bigger CCD like FullFrame ??

When I am looking for new lens I always check the resolution and sharpness diagrams and lenses like Tokina 10-17 dosent looks so great.


Even if the question sounds stupid or basic, please be patient to give answer. I am really in doubt.

Sony RX-100, Aquapazza, Inon UWL-H100, Strobes S2000

14 January 2014 - 03:04 AM

I want to sell my equipment, but I would sell green part, only when red and blue will be sold as the whole packages.


I am looking for the DSLR, but if I cannot find good option, then I want to keep my setup. I am still searching so the setup should be available for sell in two weeks.



Year when I

purchased equipment                                                    I want           I want                                                                                      

                                                                                       EUR        GPB       $                                                                          

2013                  Acqupazza housing for RX100 -color red        585         480        800                                                                      

2013                  Camera Sony RX100                                           390         320        533                                                                      

2011                  Base and arms carbon fiber - LightForMe      244         200        333                                                                      

2013                  extra original Sony battery                                24           20          33                                                                        

2013                  Memory Card 32GB                                            21           17          28                                                                        

2013                  Black leather case                                                0             0            0                                                                          

2011                  Backup camera or additional setup

for Macro or just another camera for Your budy

= Olympus XZ-1, PT-050, 2xbatteries, memory card 16GB,

Inon lamp attachment mounted on housing hotshoe             0             0            0                                                                          

                          Together                                                              1265       1037      1728                                                                    


2011                  Lens WAL Inon UWLH100 M67 28mm          329         270        450                                                                      

2011                  Inon Dome Unit                                                 268         220        367                                                                      

                          Together                                                              598         490        817                                                                      


2011                  Lens Macro UCL165                                          146         120        200                                                                      


2011                  Strobe Inon S2000                                           415         340        567                                                                      

2011                  Inon light cable - L                                            49           40          67                                                                        

2011                  Strobe Inon S2000                                            415         340        567                                                                      

2011                  Inon light cable - L                                            49           40          67                                                                        

                          2x4 akku Sanyo Eneloop and charger             0             0            0                                                                          

                          Together                                                              927         760        1267                                                                    


All equipment was bought in Japan                                                                                                                                                           

                          Shortcut to some pictures taken with this setup