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Could You take a look on this

17 February 2015 - 07:52 AM

Picture taken in Red Sea. The turtle just swim against me at the end of the dive. I did not have time to prepare so I just took three shots. 

That one was the best in my opinion and I like it. I want to print this picture and place on the wall so any suggestions are welcome.

Sony NEX5n in Acquapazza housing, 16mm+fisheye and two Z240 strobes.




For sale Sony Nex5n in Acquapazza Housing, 3x lenses, ports, gears etc.

17 February 2015 - 06:43 AM

I want to sell my setup 


sony Nex5n in Acquapazza housing 


Body is used but fully functional.


16mm + fish Eye converter

30 mm for macro

16-50mm for mid range


for all lenses I have ports and gears.


I have also two S2000 inon strobes but can separate them from the body.


I am interested to get 10 000 PLN (around 2860 $) netto, so depends on payment method and transportation we can calculate total value.








Sony 30mm macro lens + wet Inon lenses, why it dosen't work?

08 March 2014 - 02:50 AM


I just bought Sony nex5n together with 30mm lens for macro. On the front of the port I can put adapter for M67 thread. 

I do not have too much experience with macro, I prefer WAL but because I still have some lenses from my compact camera I simply put in on the front and I took some pictures ... then I found that there is no significant difference with inon UCL165 and/or UCL330 and without them.

Is the reason for that is just short focusing distance of the 30mm lens or what .... I am a bit confused.

What kind of wet lens You can recommend me to get a bit more than 1:1, I want to take super macro pictures.


I have limited time (just 1 week) before next trip, so is the idea to buy telephoto converter x2 for land use is the good idea or just stupid?