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In Topic: Jim Watt passed away peacefully yesterday

20 July 2007 - 01:24 PM

Todd, I know exactly what you said about Jim, I first met him two years ago on Kona Classic, it was my first shootout, I was completely lost, had problems with language and communications, because I´m brazilian and don´t speak english very well, but Jim was there for me, and with great patience and undestanding he helped me out. And at the end of the shootout a great surprise!!! I won three prizes!!! And I´m sure Jim was the one behind it!!! LAst month I was at Bonaire Shootout and met him again, and was gladly surprised to see him diving, he was a incredible fighter beyond everything. He came to this world to make it better. Marcia Arita de Melo or Marshmellow (the way he used to call me)