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Need Help From The Photo Gurus

04 May 2011 - 01:51 PM

Hey all, I need help from the photo guru's

Got my new camera rig wet last night for the first time. It was just the pool, but wet is wet

I know shooting in a pool is always a nightmare but I was really struggling with exposure, strobe setting etc and am in hopes that somebody out there may have some good pointers.

- Camera Olympus PEN E-PL2
- Housing Olympus ELP-P03
- Zen Underwater dome
- Sea & Sea YS-01

I set the camera in aperture priority (like I always shot with my Oly 5050) varied the aperture between F4 and F8.
I tried several of the flash settings on the camera (fill in, slow1, slow2)
I the strobe there are setting for slow1, slow2, ttl and a manual power adjustment.

I worked through all the combos of settings but just couldn't get consistent results. Well, the one consistent result I had was when using slow2 on the strobe every shot was really over exposed.

Sorry I don't have photo examples, I left the memory card at home this morning.

Any thoughts on where to start? what/how to adjust? etc?