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In Topic: HC7 disappointing colour

25 March 2008 - 12:08 PM

been a while since i was in here. well got a new familymember so i've stayed dry for 1.5 years so the misses could go play in the water again. but now i'm back.
i just got the hc7 w. ikelite housing. and am having problem setting the wb. it works fine down to about 10 meters then its like it wont set... gonna try whit the filter tomorrow, just got it figured out so it will stay on the wc-10 lens.
there might be some trick to setting the wb if anyone knows of some please let me know.
if i figure some out i'll drop a line.
quite happy whit the low lite on the camera. been inside caves and some wrecks and it acually turned out ok.
bye for now.
t from the toe'z