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In Topic: EM-10 Meikon housing and Oly 60mm?

24 March 2016 - 02:08 PM

Seems I have found someone who can make the extension. If any other M10 owners are interested, PM me¡

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In Topic: EM-10 Meikon housing and Oly 60mm?

21 March 2016 - 06:27 AM

Better off using a cheap Aquako or Subsee diopter with the 14-42 or getting the Ikelite EM10 housing which is still reasonably priced. If you modify the housing and it leaks you'll lose the camera and lens which cost more than the Ikelite housing. Another option is a second hand EM5 and the Meikon housing which is made for 12-50 so should fit 60mm macro lens.T

The Ikelite housing is 900 USD, one port 150-250 USD, A used EM10 will be far cheaper.....And, not sure if Inon strobes work directly with Ikelite housings? Already have a swing adapter + diopter, but there is quite a difference between using this combination vs. a macro lens.... I will look more into the Panasonic lenses, and see if it is possible to maybe modify the housing a bit. Guess I will loose the ability to zoom if I want to use the 14-42mm....  

In Topic: EM-10 Meikon housing and Oly 60mm?

20 March 2016 - 12:28 PM

what about the Panasonic 45mm macro lens?
Without a zoom gear.....

Unfortunately, both are too wide (62-63mm). I can squeze the 9-18mm Oly in (under 60mm), but the rubber O-rings for the Zoom(14.42), must be removed. Don't think I'll go for WA anyway, as I 'm more into shooting macro.(the port will vignette anyway). I have a PM1 with a ZEN port for WA, which I have not decided 100% if I will sell.....My wife wanted a housing for her EM10 for macro.....and, as said, the Meikon housing seems of good quality. Much better and cheaper than the housing for my former Panazonic TZ10........:-) It should be possible to make a DIY solution, if one have the right tools and material available.......

In Topic: EM-10 Meikon housing and Oly 60mm?

20 March 2016 - 09:31 AM

There is also a new 30 mm macro from Panasonic comming out soon.

Yes, but the diameter may be to big to fit, and the 12-50 is almost as long as the 60mm....

Edit: Seems different pages gives different measures for the lenses.....so I will take the whole rig to a store where I can try the different lenses.....even if I'm really fond of the 60mm..

The thing is that I may have to buy to lenses:-) Both my wife and myself dives with identical rigs.......

In Topic: 3D Printing a port

20 March 2016 - 09:28 AM

Old thread , but I wonder how this turned out.... I recently bought a Meikon housing for the Olympus OMD -EM10, and this housing looks to be of decent quality for a plactic/polyc housing. Even a button to pop up the flash....

I would have preferred using my 60mm/2.8 -macro lens, but it seems aprx. 12-15mm to long for the port, which is not interchangeable.

Maybe an extender can be made through 3D printing, or as a model for an aluminium extender? It looks like the glass in the port is screwed on, with an O-ring to seal it against the port. A.15-16mm(have to measure more accurately), extension would be enough to accomodate this lens. The 14-42mm RII kit lens fits, and is about 70mm expanded, and is very close to the glass.

Anybody with good ideas/views on this, if it's possible? It would be a very cheap combination, as the Meikon housing is very reasonably priced, and the EM10 about half the price od an EM5 or EM1. I would have bought 2 extenders if they been available......