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In Topic: How did you flood?

07 November 2013 - 08:46 PM

Ikelite - using the 10-17mm port on the 8 inch dome where you cant see the clips, far as I can tell one of the clips popped while rotating the port.  Port design since changed.  Lost camera, lens survived.


Small leak on Nauticam at zoom knob.  Turned out no loctite being used on early versions, apparently is now.  No camera or lens loss.  Retested and didnt leak, but zoom failed to work for 17-70mm entire trip as a result, because it was out of alignment and I blamed my lens being too stiff instead of realising the real culprit.  Again, since changed apparently.  I was very very lucky it didnt unwind entirely, as I hadnt really figured out what was causing the problem and assumed it was just a grain of sand or the like.


I have the Leak Sentinel earlier version but unfortunately it also sticks out too far to use with my tokina and 8 inch dome, which is an ikelite/nauticam combo and rather unusual so hardly foreseeable, just bad luck.  So it means it ends up too much swapping around is needed, which increases room for mistakes with someone like me.  Ill update when I next plan to do a trip as apparently its since been shortened - I mostly do macro now, so its not a big issue.


The obvious lesson here seems to be dont buy version 1!





In Topic: Super Macro with NEX

10 July 2013 - 04:43 AM

So at the end of the Day the only real advantage of the NEX over a DSLR is that its physically smaller and better for transport but at the cost of not having a decent lens choice?
Regards Mark

And cost. A d7000 nauticam housing is 3300 us, while a nex7 is 1850 at one site, and that's without an external viewfinder.

The lack of a good macro lens is annoying but once that's addressed, it will be a pretty compelling option in my view, and olympus now has a good m43 macro with the 60mm.

In Topic: Moving from a G11 to a dSLR

06 July 2013 - 03:14 AM

You might want to also take a good look at mirrorless systems, particularly the NEX and Olympus systems.    They now have very high quality sensors, good autofocus for single shot subjects, and a lot cheaper, and lighter.   Being able to avoid the viewfinder issues with DSLR's really has its advantages as well.


Another alternative might the newly announced Canon 70D if you can wait - it has a new autofocus system that may also make liveview focusing far better than previous DSLR efforts.


But just from a pure image quality perspective, you certainly cant go wrong with a secondhand D7000 setup.  

In Topic: I don't get it!

04 March 2013 - 06:54 PM

I understand having to declare cropping so as to take into account its use in judging the overall image.

Banning it is where I get a bit befuddled. But photography competitions in general leave me a bit baffled compared to other art competitions. Just seems to get to the point of me wondering when the 'one arm behind your back' category is going to turn up.


In Topic: Worth buying this setup? Ikelite Canon 7D

07 December 2012 - 10:50 PM

Hello Guys,

I am not too sure whether I am posting in the correct section of the forum so please feel free to correct me or move my post.
I am looking for a used underwater setup and believe it or not I do not have an SLR as of right now at all, so it is a bit easier for me to look at the used classifieds.
A gentleman close to me is selling a setup and I feel like it is well priced for what it is but I wanted to hear some feedback from you guys.
Here it is:

  • Ikelite underwater camera housing to fit Canon EOS 7D DSLR
  • Port
  • Port extension
  • Dome
  • Two Ikelite DS161 Strobes
  • Strobe attachment arms
  • Sync cable
  • All necessary accessories, spare parts, and user manual.

When I asked him which dome it was he said he had the Tamron 17-50mm lens in there and he would find out which one it is exactly.
Do you feel like this is a good setup for $2000.00?
The seller seems to be genuine and answered all my questions and offered for me to try out the strobes etc.
All feedback is much appreciated.

Many thanks Posted Image

My maths shows that to be over $4k worth, so it may be a bit too good pricewise if anything.

That will be a quite large rig, but the strobes are quite powerful and have some video capability as well. If you're intending to travel with it, you might want to look for some of the smaller options.