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In Topic: Dual TTL with Seacam Seaflash 150?

24 August 2010 - 01:04 PM

The Hotshoe connecter may look the same, but I think the way the two stobe bulkheads are wired is different in the Seacam. I have two 250s and use them in TTL mode. Seacam instructions are to set one of the strobes on Auto, and use the other to change settings from manual (any setting of the 12 there are) to TTL. The one strobe where I change settings is acting as the controller and the second (set to Auto) is following the same power settings. I think this is controlled by the wiring between the two bulkheads inside the housing. Stephen Frink would know for sure how it works. This feature is great since I can change between power settings on two strobes with a single switch. I can also set two different power levels for unequal lighting by changing the second strobe from Auto to a manual power setting.

It should be possible to replace your Subal wiring with Seacam wiring to make it work the same as a Seacam housing. Although, that adds another expense.

I do love my Seacam strobes.


In Topic: Nauticam announces the new 7D housing

25 January 2010 - 11:02 AM

Can anyone show us some detail on the implementation of the multicontroller on the back in some detail? Looks like a 4 quadrant button/switch on some kind.

One other question; How do the extension rings attach to the ports. If the ports require the new locking cam, (which sounds great ) is there a seperate threaded section too or ?

Oh one more, when can I get one?


The Nauticam website links to a PDF (look on the extension rings page) that demonstrates how the extension rings attach to dome ports. There is a locking mechanism in the extension to connect it to the port securely. The other observation/question I would have is that it looks to me that extension rings cannot be shared between macro and dome parts.