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In Topic: Where do i get a new gland for a new control for my housing?

13 December 2011 - 10:04 AM

Bend a suitable nail into a U shape and file location pins as required - use mole grips to twist

its hard to find this kind of tool in my island, but i found something wich worked so far...

i will post a resume of what i done so far and what is left ( wich is a lot ) but it seems like i will be able to have control of both dials, shutter and a few more buttons of the d300 on this housing.. i wish i bought something slightly bigger like a housing for an N100 or something like that, or maybe ikelite that seem to be a bit bigger.

now i think im done making space in the inside and its time to make the controls and adaptations wich may take a good while...

In Topic: BBC Frozen Planet

03 November 2011 - 07:22 AM

Don't forget to watch Freeze Frame, the behind the scenes program that comes after the main program.

One thing I just realized is that Sir David is 85 years old and traveling to the poles! I hope I'm that active at that age... IF I make it there!

You might not get "Freeze Frame" in the USA.
Discovery Channel who pay part of the production, have a 50 minutes slot plus commercials to make up the 60 minute [hour]
As BBC dont have Ad. breaks they decided to make up the hour by adding the "Making of"
David A. did actually go on most of the locations to shoot the links.

In Topic: Where do i get a new gland for a new control for my housing?

29 October 2011 - 03:09 AM

The two small holes are to allow a two pin bar tool to unscrew it - it would be a right hand thread so turn anti-clock to undo it.
Probably a lot cheaper to get someone with a lathe to turn a copy of the one you removed - use stainless steel or aluminium bar - S/S is better as you would need to get the Ali anodised to stop corrosion.


i continue with the adaptation of my Nx90Z for a d300..

as i said the space in the housing is made, and the camera fits in.

i have the shutter release solved, and now im working on the main dial control (on the back of the camera)

trying to adapt the top control for the F90 dial into the d300 failed in any single way, i couldnt manage to get any gears to make it work, as the space is too tight, and it was getting me mad.

So i changed my idea, and im going to use a drill that its already made on the housing, and covered by a big screw with the model label on it.

Posted Image

this black circle has been unscrewd and now i have a hole witch i think has the size of the top left gland on this photo... i still have to manage to measure it, but is there anyway to get Sea & sea parts?

if not, my other option will be to remove one of the glands of another control wich is not going to be used and put it back there, and then seal the empty one somehow.

with a good circle and the proper pressure on the back of the camera, i will be able to rotate the main dial as they do with all the new housings.

Another question, how do i remove one of this Glands? they look like they are bolts but they have like 2 small holes on the top of the bolt at both sides of the gland. Is there any special tool or i just have to turn them hard hard hard?


In Topic: Dome Port Cleaning

10 October 2011 - 08:45 AM

Hard coated acrilic lenses are the best option if you cant afford optical glass.
But drawback is if you "ding" or scatched the hard coated ports you might as well sling them in the bin [or dumpster you might say]
The only way is to remove all the coating back to the acrilic by skimming in a lathe or using Micro-Mesh - then recoat.
Too many of the manufactures save a few dollars by selling uncoated domes and flats.
The Aquatica uncoated 8" Dome is very difficult to polish on the rear the way its mounted with bathroom sealent not allowing independant removal or access. The Hood on this port is also a bit iffy with the grub screws barely touching the outter rim flange

In Topic: What happens to Amphibico?

03 October 2011 - 03:43 AM

Harry, your first post on shouldn't be about insulting someone. That's bordering on a personal attack, which is not allowed on Wetpixel.

Sorry Drew please pull it as I don't seem able to edit it