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Place to serve our HD large videos?

22 November 2006 - 10:02 PM

Is there a place one can have their HD video segments served up in widescreen format that is decent size and quality short of serving it up one's self?

I can't read French, but I like the size and format of the below clips although the quality could be better, but I think part of that might have been the rig used.

Want me 2 check into anything 4 U at DEMA in Florida?

22 October 2006 - 11:22 AM

I will be going to the DEMA Show (Dive Equipment Manufacturing Association) in Orlando, Florida next month in November.

I will be taking my FX1 and a decent res digital camera...if anyone wants me to look into anything specific and report back, just let me know.

I will be looking to see what Amphibico has to offer that is new, specifically the widescreen hi-res external monitor, whatever is new at L&M and all that sort of thing.

Style & form training for editing

16 October 2006 - 08:30 PM

I have finally started my Final Cut Pro training, never having done any sort of video editing, not even iMovie.

I just got finished importing all my clips, deleting the lame ones, and naming all the rest by category. I didn't get any topisde footage, no equipment set up and explanation ala expedition documentary, and hardly any land shots at all, and little diver interaction stuff.....I think all that was a mistake.....however, I have tons of really good small to macro footage.....many of which I will smooth out via Apple's Shake program using the smoothcam feature.

But style is another thing...we've all seen tons of documentaries and ocean shows, but when it comes to formatting it all into something coherent, well, that is a different story. Things like dissolve transitions seem best when aiming for that artistic, dreamy stuff....best set to music. I find myself watching Mark Stantons Divers Down cable show to see his editing style.....hard transitions which are good for documentary stuff....

I intend on recording my voice doing descriptive narration, but it is one thing to look at the length of a clip of a particular animal, then figure out what you want to say about that animal within that length of clip, but most documentaries have narratives that overlap clips....and the stuff where their is songs WITH narration, and the volume drops intervallically when the narration goes, then up goes the volume, well, you have to know what part of the music can have the volume lowered, it sure is a ton of stuff to think about.

What resources are available for us to learn all this stuff? As the editing programs are just tools, now I need to learn how to create a style with the tools. I am overwhelmed with trying to get the style part, so I am at the asking stupid questions part right now, lol.....

Sharing Footage For Dummies help needed

13 September 2006 - 06:17 PM

Ok, so shortly I will begin my Apple Final Cut Pro training at the Apple Store for exrtemely high price of $99 for 1 hour of training per week for 1 year. What is that, less than 50 cents an hour?

I will probably buy 2 Apple Pro Care packages so I can up that to 2 hours a week.

Having said that, I will end up with probably 90 minutes of edited footage wioth narration all done expedition/underwater critter explorer format type. Next trip it will be more of a combination of dive travel and critters in either Anilao, Cebu or Sulawesi.

I am interested in editing a particular clip for sharing here. Now I no that if I ever become a rocket scientist on this editing stuff I will regret the following lame question, but what the hell....Can some merciful soul brimming with patience for dummys post a brief on how to take some clip footage and massage it so it is suitable for downloading here first then elsewhere? Obviously Quicktime 1st but then WMV or whatever files people need to see it all.....

Sundry questions like what file size should it be limited to, etc will do.

Thanks for anyone who dares.....lol

Resource for translating latin fish names?

11 September 2006 - 06:57 AM

I am trying to see if anyone has some tips for some online resource where I can take scientific fish names and translate them.... As an example, I thik longirostrus means long nose.....

I am working on a HiDef video documentary and hope a few viewers might be interested in the origins of the latin names....problem is maybe some of the names have Greek roots too....

I have tried a few latin to English translators online, but they haven't worked at all, even when I broken the names up into their parts......