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Reef Seekers Roatan 2013 trip report & pix

13 November 2013 - 06:58 PM

Despite less-than-ideal weather, we had a nice time in Roatan last week. Read all about it and enjoy the SmugMug slide show as well:

ROATAN TRIP REPORT - http://www.reefseeke...rip report.html

ROATAN SMUGMUG SLIDESHOW - http://kenkurtis.smu...34217&k=hZb3KBq


- Ken

Squid-Mania in Southern California

13 September 2013 - 01:26 PM

We've been treated to an amazing squid run for the past four weeks. It's amazing because (1) It's 4-6 months early, (2) It's been happening EVERY NIGHT for four weeks (usually these things last a few days), (3) It's easy access as it's taking place 100 yards out in 60fsw off of an easily-accessible beach, and (4) There are a gazillion squid . . . each night!!!


Thought you might like seeing a complied video of Wednesday night's adventure:



- Ken

Isla Mujeres trip report & pix

30 August 2013 - 08:59 PM

We had a great time last week (despite a few hiccups) down in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, diving with Whale Sharks, Mantas, and more. Here's some light Labor Day Weekend reading and picture-perusing for you:

TRIP REPORT - http://www.reefseeke...rip report.html

PICTURES (Smug Mug slide show) - http://kenkurtis.smu...31553040_tFgNmM


- Ken

Bonaire mid-week mini-report

22 May 2013 - 05:47 PM

Despite somewhat unusual weather (a bit windier than normal and cloudy-to-overcast with one overnight of rain), we're having a wonderful time in Bonaire. Viz isn't quite as good as it normally is, probably running around 50-60 feet instead of the usual 80-100 but that doesn't mean we can't find great things to photograph. We've already seen the requisite Seahorse and Frogfish, and have also seen plenty of Tarpon, Barracuda, and turtles. Today (Wed) we found an enormous Midnight Parrotfish (which I happen to think are gorgeous) as well as two co-operative Squid. Tomorrow is our last day of boat diving (we all-beach/shore on Friday) and we plan on going to Forest, where there are two French Angelfish who got nuts when offered watermelon. The hope is to photo each person feeding some melon to the fish. On Friday morning, we'll do the Hilma Hooker, which will also be Wil Lemley's 1500th dive. Wil was one of my L.A. County ADP (Advanced Diving Program) students back in 1982 and it will be great to share this milestone with him, almost 31 years later.

I've been posting "Top 10" pictures each day in separate galleries on SmugMug ( www.kenkurtis.smugmug.com ). Take a peek!!!

Yap 2013 trip report, pix, & videos

21 March 2013 - 05:49 PM

We had yet another fantastic week at Manta Ray Bay Hotel in Yap last week which included an incredible 90-minute manta experience, a great shark feed, wonderful
Mandarinfish encounters, and a whole lot more. You can see the pix and read all about it through these links:

TRIP REPORT - http://www.reefseeke...rip report.html

A FEW PIX (w/other links) - http://www.reefseeke...ap 2013 pix.htm

SMUGMUG 100-IMAGE SLIDE SHOW - http://kenkurtis.smu...6060810_Xj6Pq5C





- Ken