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In Topic: OMD - Olympus or Nauticam housing advice

26 July 2014 - 11:28 AM

Hey guys, I'm new in this forum.


Sorry quite off topic. Since 10Bar has joined the crowd and produced UW housing for EM5 + 12-50 port (price tag USD1300), anyone has any good word on it or on 10Bar generally ?

Currently I'm seriously thinking of this housing since it has fully functional 12-50 port (the only lens I had) and perfect with my budget. Nauticam way beyond of my budget limit and oly is not value for money in my opinion. Any advise much appreciated.

I have a 10Bar housing for my Sony NEX-5N.  My previous housing was an Olympus PT-023 which had its port attached with duct tape after the first 2 dives (used for 3 years; got some really strange looks boarding boats) so anything would have been an upgrade.  Since I haven't used other housings I can't make direct comparisions.  Certainly the the 10Bar housing is not as pretty as some of the others and reviews say it is not as easy to use.  I have used it on about 30-40 dives and have had no leaks or major problems.  Initially, I had some problems with the control that turns the wheel on the camera back (worked intermediately) but this has mostly been eliminated by better placement of the camera in the housing when loading (make sure it is pressed all the way down to the bottom of the housing).  One of the things that I really liked compared to my old housing was that it was very easy to do a half shutter press and not actually take a picture.


The major functional issue I had was that the springs in the zoom and manual focus controls were very strong and made using these controls difficult/cumbersome.  I have also seen another person complain about this on another forum so it appears to not just be my springs (although my focus spring is not quite as strong as my zoom control spring).  I emailed 10Bar about removing the springs or replacing with much weaker springs.  They said this would be OK but that I needed to add spacers.  They mailed me spacers and o-rings but they were for the shutter control rather than the zoom control.  I think they misunderstood my problem since the hand drawing they sent was also for the shutter control.  I removed the springs anyway and cut down one of the spacers and put it in although I don't think it has a function in the zoom control as it would have had in the shutter control.  I used the housing with the springs removed on a trip to Belize this spring (12 dives, max. depth 134') and it did not leak and was much easier to use the zoom control.  With the springs removed you do have to be certain that the controls are pulled out before inserting the camera since that was what the springs were doing.  Of course, modifiying any housing always is a risk and each individual has to decide whether it is worth the risk to them so you would have to decide whether you wanted to attempt this mod.  Or maybe 10Bar has changed to weaker springs since I purchased my housing about 18 months ago.

In Topic: one strobe or two?

16 January 2014 - 10:10 AM

I likely have less photography experience than the other responders but 2 strobes likely result in better lighting in most cases. I started out with one strobe due to costs. I tried two strobes for one trip to Cozumel but decided that I did not like the more cumbersome handling of the bigger system and so went back to one strobe. So, as with camera choices, etc., it probably depends somewhat on personal preference and what you want to do during the dive. I.e., is the dive primarily dedicated to obtaining the best photographs or is photography an added feature to the enjoyment of the dive?

In Topic: Wanted: one Mares Avanti Quattro fin

22 August 2013 - 01:03 PM

Still looking for a single Mares Avanti Quattro, yellow, size regular if anyone has one available.