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Advice on Resorts w/Shore Diving -Indonesia & Papua

01 March 2007 - 06:30 AM

This is a quick planned trip for sometime toward the middle of this month (March). We thought we had everything set to stay at Kri Resort for a week than over to Lembeh for 3-4 days but Kri threw us a curve by telling us that they are now charging $50 per shore dive even if you have bought the weekly dive package.

Since we were planning on supplementing the boat diving with several shore dives this probaby makes it a bust as we can't see spending an extra $100-150 dollars a day to go shore diving. The travel agent is trying to reconfirm the charge as this is the first they have heard of it and it might just be a communication problem.

Just in case it isn't we are now turning our attention to the Manado area for a few days and then over to Lembeh for a week (I do realize most of the resorts here seem to offer shore diving). While we plan on diving the Bunaken Marine Park we are also looking for a resort that offers unlimited shore diving. Most of the resort's websites don't seem to dwell a lot on their shore diving or even mention if they have any or not. Murex seems to offer it but some of the others mention snorkeling or a casual reference to a night dive being possible.

Just out of curosity are most divers that frequent these areas content with making 3 dives a day? Is it customary now for resorts to charge $30-50 for a shore dive? Last time I visited the area was in 98 when we went to Wakatobi but shore diving was unlimited and as far as I know still is. I can understand charging this amount for extra boat dives above and beyond the dive package you paid for but not sure why so much of a charge for shore diving when no boat, fuel, captain, or dive master is being used.

Thanks in advance for any responses.