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In Topic: Nauticam Flash Trigger for Canon (26301)

19 June 2018 - 05:06 PM

Thank. I PMed you back but I didn't see how to post photos there so I put them here:

In Topic: Reflective prism for flash trigger

22 April 2018 - 04:21 PM

Nauticam makes an optical trigger that sits on the hotshot and just fires the flash straight ahead. Since it doesn't have little LEDs that connect right to the optical bulkheads, you need to use the prism to redirect that straight ahead light, upward. The prism reflects the light up into the bulkheads. If you use a trigger that has the little LEDS you need to remove the prism and put the LEDs directly into the bulkheads. I have a Nauticam housing, but I'm using the UWTechnics TTL trigger so I removed the prism.


If you download the user's manual here, it will tell you about removing the prism http://uwtechnics.co...housings-detail

In Topic: Fisheye and wide angle advice

08 December 2017 - 10:31 AM

Because the Canon is more expensive!!  :)


I read a couple of reviews between the two that say that the Canon is a bit sharper. That may be imaginary, and even if so, it's probably negligible. Actually, since I plan on using it with the 1.4TC, the zoom function of the Canon should come in handy. That's really the only reason.


Plus I found my 8-15 used for about the price of the 15 new.

In Topic: Fisheye and wide angle advice

08 December 2017 - 09:25 AM

At any focal length < 14mm, you'll start to see black at the corners. You could shoot there, but you'd have to crop the shot afterwards.


This link shows how the image will look at various focal lengths:



I believe that with the 1.4TC, you will have a useful range of about 15 - 21 before you'd see the black corners.

In Topic: Fisheye and wide angle advice

08 December 2017 - 05:21 AM

I went through the exact same thing. I upgraded from the 7D with the Tokina 10-17 to the 5Dm4. I agonized over it for a long time and made myself (and others) crazy. I eventually sold the 10-17 and bought the Canon 8-15. I also went with the Nauticam 140mm dome. After reading Alex Mustard's article, I decided that 100mm would be a bit small. My concern was also that I didn't want to give up the CFWA. I just returned from my first trip with the new system, and the new port/lens will still focus with the subject touching the port. I think it's a great combination. The only downside, is that there really isn't any zoom with the 8-15; it's just a 15. You can shoot full circle at 8, but it's either that or 15. Ok, the other downside is that I had to spend a lot of money and then justify it to my wife! 


I kept my Kenko 1.4TC but haven't yet tried it underwater. I've played with the above water, and it seems to focus quickly and give sharp results with the 8-15 above water. I'm going to get the necessary extension ring and zoom gear so I can use the TC on my next trip, which will be a big animal trip.


I hope that helps.