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In Topic: Hammerheads

16 August 2014 - 06:57 AM

When we did Galapagos in May of 2010, the water was unusually warm.   At Darwin, we saw hundreds of hammerheads and they definitely stayed down in the thermocline which seemed to start at about 40 feet, but the water at the surface was about 79 degrees (26 C) and down at 50 feet was still close to 75 degrees (24 C), so not that cool at all.  Everyone told us to bring 7mm wetsuits and I was baking like a potato the entire time -- Could have done it in a 3mm easily :D  


I think trying to predict exactly how your dives will go is kind of like predicting the weather a month out -- can't be done.

In Topic: thoughts on mini domes

31 July 2014 - 07:59 PM

"I stole the title from Alex Mustard's 2010 article"
There was a Mustard presentation, "Dome not Drone" posted here on Wetpixel around that time frame, 2010 or 2011?  It was an extremely informative and most excellent presentation on dome ports.  It was archived here at one time anyway.  I don't know if it still is...

Got it...



In Topic: Hammerheads

30 July 2014 - 02:02 PM

Plenty of Hammers in Galapagos.  When we went in May, there were hundreds of them schooling at Darwin.  Another good place is the Bahamas where every January/February they gather in the shallows.  John Bantin wrote a post about it:



In Topic: What setup for good rig buoyancy with Aquatica D7000?

27 June 2014 - 10:26 AM

Thanks John, sounds good. I guess I must have regular size stix floats at the moment. 


Just to be clear - you don't need a float belt around the macro port with this setup?  If so it seems like less than I have now as the port float belt has 7 or 8 floats on it.  (I have the old 105mm and the manual focus port if that makes a difference?).


Yes, I do not use the float belt with macro setup.  6 jumbos and two regular stix floats balance the rig nicely.  I'm sure the float belt works well too, I've just never tried it.


Like you, I went from Ike DS-160's to Z-240's.  It's surprising how much more negative my rig is now.  I used to get away with 2 Jumbo stix on each side with the 8" dome.  I do like the Z-240's better;  learning curve was a bit higher, but they are much more flexible in use in my opinion.

In Topic: What setup for good rig buoyancy with Aquatica D7000?

26 June 2014 - 07:45 AM

On my Aquatica D7000/Z240 kit, this is what gets me to just very slightly negative:


- With the 8" Dome port, Tokina 10-17 --- 3 jumbo stix floats on each arm

- With the Macro flat port and 105mm -- 3 jumbo stix floats on each arm and I add 1 large stix float to each arm.


I can get away with just the 3 jumbos on each side with the macro setup, but sometimes my arm gets tired.   If I forget and leave the 1 addtl large float on with the dome it's kindof "floaty" - slightly positive.


Set up like above, I can toss my rig up into the water column and it will gently float down.