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Tokina 10-17

06 October 2017 - 11:04 AM

Hi, there


My Tokina 10-17 finally RIP ...   So instead of buying another Tokina 10-17 which is certainly an option.   What might be alternative that will work in DX and potentially better fit for FX in the near future ?!  At the moment I am using Nikon D90 in Nexus housing with the small/mini dome.  Works very well.  I may upgrade to put my D610 in a housing but I have not schedule for that yet.   So should I just get another 10-17 or consider Sigma 15 which will work for FX but probably not wide enough for DX but would it still work ?   

Other option ?


I am looking at BH, what is the differences of the 2 other than the hood ??


Thank you for reading ...