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Dome Magnifier on a Housing

03 October 2006 - 05:26 PM

Im having difficulty seeing the corners of the viewfinder and was wondering if placing a dome magnifier on the housing would help any. Has anyone tried this with any success? How did you mount the magnifier?

Thanks for the help

Fogged Housing

26 September 2006 - 06:04 PM

I was diving a spring in florida monday and had my housing fog on the third dive of the day. I was wondering what might have caused it?

This is the first time I have had a housing fog, I know to put the system together in open air. (uncooled space)

Water temp was 68

First dive was 10 am, set the camera up and had no problems, it was cool and breezy outside

Camera sat on car seat after dive

Second dive was about 1:30 pm, changed to wide angle and had no problems, it was sunny and warm outside

Camera sat on the car seat after dive

Third dive was at 3 pm, no changes, just hopped in the water and the camera housing completely fogged, dome port, housing, complete white out.

The car never got hot, I wasnt out of the water all that long, any idea what caused it.

I was thinking that the housing have warmed up during the course of the day, changing the interior temp of the housing, particularly since I never opened the housing before the third dive.

If that is the case, should it not do that when I dive the the tropics? Temps have been 95+ with water temps at 80. The spring water is consistently 68 and the air temp may have been 85. Around a 15 degree variance either way.

Does this just have to do with diving colder water? If so what kinds of housing protocols am I going to have to look at diving in the winter, which I plan on doing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Of course the water clarity and lighting was the best when the housing fogged.

Fianlly Bought a Housing

04 September 2006 - 09:17 AM

I finally made the full switch over to digital u/w photography. I bought a housing for my d70s last week and drove down to florida to test it.

I love digital, I was able to get some shots in at dusk, with no flash and a 5 ft layer of much on the surface. The ability to change setttings and get instant feedback is wonderfull.

Another thing thats great about it, is being able to show the kids that come up and ask if you were underwater, what it looks like underwater.

I did realize that I have to get a checklist going of things to do before I put my camera in the housing, once its in the housing and then when I get into the water. I must have called myself a moron a dozen times during the dive.

Heres what I think is my best shot out of the thirty or so I took.

Attached File  fish.jpg   147.19KB   160 downloads

I think I may go chase trout this next week, I cant wait to get back in the water.

Shooting at an Aquarium

28 December 2005 - 05:16 PM

I finally have a digital (D70s), I absolutely love the live feedback and cant wait to get it in the water.

I live in Atlanta Ga and since we have our brand new aquarium, I thought I would take some pictures there. (until I order my housing and book a trip)

Flash photography is not allowed and I was curious if any of you have any experience in this area and can offer me some suggestions.

I'm fairly new to photography so I don't have a background or wide range of experience to fall on.


I'm assuming the larger tanks will offer contrast issues (lighted tank/dark surroundings). I'm concered longer shutter times will overexpose the tank and wonder if a ND filter may be required.

Longer shutter will cause blurring from movement on my part and that of the animal. Is there a good asa/shuterspeed combination in such situations.

What if any type of filter will improve color quality.

Is there any mental outlook to make experience applicable to improving my photography below water