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In Topic: Photos For Critique

03 May 2007 - 02:17 PM

Back from my jollies and I've tried the wire coral shrimp again looking to improve on the above image.
Really struggled to get some midwater behind it but I do think I've managed better composition than the fish id type shot above.
Im quite pleased with it aside from there being no space for the subject to move into.Attached File  Orange_Wire_Coral_Shrimp.jpg   111.87KB   203 downloads

In Topic: Photos For Critique

11 April 2007 - 03:35 AM

Yep, i agree with Alex, very nice work.

However, in PI you should get a chance to get that first shrimp again. I would suggest trying a vertical approach with the shrimp coming toward you and across the diagonal. Does that make sense?

It would create more personality to that shot and make it less of an I.D. type of photo.

I thnk I know what you mean. The wire coral running from corner to corner and the head of the shrimp being the closest part, say in the bottom right corner. If I combine this with Alex's suggestion, put some blue against the background instead of the random coral in the current picture and I should theoretically have a much improved shot? I'll give it a go and post the result.

In Topic: Photos For Critique

11 April 2007 - 02:32 AM

Thanks Alex,
So I need to find that X factor to distinguish them from other photos?
I'll keep trying and maybe experiment with the Nikon 5T & 6T for some very close shots.
Im off to the Philippines next week so I'll post some more attempts on my return, no doubt I'll come across a few of these critters while Im there.

In Topic: Help! Sea & Sea Strobe Connection Problems

16 December 2006 - 06:21 PM

Sorry to hear your problem & here is my suggestion;
1. Check the socket & see 2 spring pins (out of total 5) are like other 3 pins or being pushed & stuck. It is a common problem with S&S connector. If it is stuck, you have to ship the housing to service center & get replaced. S&S does not sell the connector to users & is not easy to replace.
2.Hotshoe are very simple & has no electronics other than a small board with soldering. You can open & see.
3.You can check continuity of cable and/or insulation with multitester.
Hope this help.

Thanks guys, I've just tried Mike's suggestion of taping up the connectors on the hotshoe and its just fired using a single strobe cable. Can you elaborate on what is happening here?
For now Im gonna try a few dives like this with the second strobe set to slave.
If I can get away with it for now I will leave the servicing until I get back home.

I also checked the movement of the 2 spring pins on the housing and they seem to be functioning ok.

In Topic: What dive qualification?

19 August 2006 - 03:12 AM

Im Padi Adv O/W. I started to use a housed JVC camcorder on my final dive of open water certification! Gave me motion sickness watching the footage back.

Proceeded to the Similan Islands with my camcorder and completed my first qualified dive there at Elephant Head, 30m!

Got my advanced in Sharm after 14 dives and tried my partners MX10.

Finally took the plunge and bought a DX-D70 kit after 28 dives.

Definately a question of experience rather than qualification.

I often think of diving like driving a car, you only really start to learn once you have passed your test. When you have then passed, to gain experience, you don't drive round a carpark, you get onto the busy roads, try the motorway, maybe drive abroad. Then you become a good driver!