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Photos For Critique

11 April 2007 - 12:54 AM

I think these are some of my favourite photos.
Thought I would place them up here for a bit of constructive criticism from you guys.

Help! Sea & Sea Strobe Connection Problems

15 December 2006 - 06:03 PM

Hi all, I've got a S & S DX-D70 and I think the strobe connector on the housing has had a leak.
My strobe cable has ceased to function after 1 shot under water.
In the meantime I've tested both strobes (YS90 Auto) by triggering them as slaves and they are fine. The internals of the housing are also fine so I suspect that the sea water has either shorted the sync chord itself or the connection on the housing, probably the later as I've purchased a second chord an the same thing has happened with that also.
I need to know what I can do from here, I've cleaned he contacts with alchohol, left them to dry but it still does not fire the strobes.
Can I rinse the sync chord in order to try to dissolve any build up of salt that may have shorted the pins?
How do I disassemble the housing side of the sync connector and does that contain any sensitive electrics?
I can't get another sync chord as I've purchased the last one on PG so I need to try revive one or both of these!

Scalloped Hammerheads

03 August 2006 - 12:43 PM

Having had several encounters with the timid scalloped hammerhead in the Red Sea, I often wonder how to get that classic silhouette shot from below.
From my experience, as a mere Adv O/W recreational diver, I have always found the subject in question to be lurking below, reluctant to get too close and timid enough to sink out of sight if I dare try to decend that little deeper. Admittedly I was surrounded by flash happy divers with rattles at the time!

My question is, can this shot be achieved on open scuba equipment within recreational limits or is it only possible for those using rebreathers?

Philippines in December?

14 July 2006 - 01:26 PM

Hi all,
I usually take a break around christmas time and head out to see some freinds in Thailand, taking in what the Andaman has to offer while Im there.
This year I figured I would venture a little further and see what the Philippines is like to dive. I believe it is the north eastern monsoon at this time so I guess I will be based round the southern islands somewhere.
What Im after is a bit of advice from those who know the area on where to go, who to dive with, whether to do day trips or hop on a liveaboard,etc.