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In Topic: Advice for a beginner?

16 January 2017 - 02:17 PM

Inon and Nauticam are 45 / straight viewfinders with options for different housings. Friend of mine has an inon on a sea&sea housing.

Trick I use to get the viewfinder dry when doing split shots is blow on it.

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In Topic: Ikelite compact vs regular dome

16 January 2017 - 07:55 AM

the compact dome is 6 inch, otherwise they would have the same size. for close focus WA, the compact dome might be more practical, the larger dome makes underovers easier. if you use non fishey lenses, your probably best off with a 8 inch dome. There is also a 3th party dome that is specifically aimed at CFWA (http://www.uwcameras...sion_5_dome.htm). The link also includes a comparison in image quality.

In Topic: Using Teleconverters on Full Frame

16 January 2017 - 01:32 AM

Graag gedaan. My German is also not that good, but I think the Traumflieger site is a great resource.


Off course it is nice to have the options (although then there are even more options to choose before the dive). the technique with the star button is also possible on my camera and is 'back button focus' in most english articles. You could set this setting to your C mode so it doesnt bother your sister as much....


If the exif is not transferred, then the Tamron electronics might not be entirely the same as the kenko. If the camera is adjusting the exposure then it is just a little annoying, if the camera just acts like it is not there then it might not be usable. If the camera locks up with some combinations you really would like to use, it is probably wise to look for a different one. If I reread your first post, the 1,4 converter does not lock up, that is the 2 converter you already own (and the same type as my 1,4).


If we lived closer (my Hasselt is the one near Zwolle, not the one in Belgium) or dived in Zeeland at the same  time you were welcome to try mine out, but that wont happen in the next week when you need to make your decision.


PS: I dont think Magic Lanter will help with communication issues between lens and teleconverter.

In Topic: Using Teleconverters on Full Frame

15 January 2017 - 11:59 PM

PS; if you read German (or dont mind google translate), an interesting test of converters is found on http://www.traumflie...er/overview.php

In Topic: Using Teleconverters on Full Frame

15 January 2017 - 11:53 PM

If you need a teleconverter on all your lenses, would you not be better off shooting with a crop camera ?


My Kenko teleplus 1,4 converter has exactly the same type number as the tamron telconverter you are mentioning, so there might be something in it that they are the same. At my camera (canon70D)  the displayed f stop does take the converter to account. Also in the exif, the focal length is adapted. I think it is odd that the info is displayed and adjusted in my camera and not in yours.


when I use it with my f2.8 USM 100mm macro (not the L lens), I have to take care to avoid using microfocus adjust. for some reason, the camera will lock up (or just not release the shutter) if I use this combination (100mm, teleconverter + microadjust). If it is working, it is reasonably fast.


If you would use a teleconverter and a diopter together, you need a good focus light, or be probably better off prefocussing at 1:1 and shooting when the image is sharp in the viewfinder.


The canon teleconverters are really only aimed at the longer lenses, and wont work with wide angle and macro lenses (although they would match up nicely with your 70-200mm )