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#378839 Will TTL still work with 1/64 Built In Strobe?

Posted by Cerianthus on 17 November 2016 - 09:34 AM

Ttl mimics the on camera flash, so no.

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#378614 DIY Ball clamps for underwater photo/video light arms system

Posted by Cerianthus on 09 November 2016 - 06:56 AM

Its a special gemeente (council), so yes....  and now, you're right on the mission.


A nice joke on this is the underwater photographer who says on his deathbed 'dont sell all my uw gear for the price i told you it costs'


Vinkeveen is allright as a freshwater dive, but Zeeland is really nice, and it is not always raining here like in Manchester (my wife is british and lived there). If you ever feel the need (maybe when its warmer again), give me a PM....

#376270 Zen and the Art of Housing Flood Prevention.

Posted by Cerianthus on 21 August 2016 - 07:45 AM

i heard (on the ancient medium of an email list) a tip from the late Jim Church : put a q-tip in your mouth when you are preparing your housing. It will help you not be distracted by talking....

#374367 new website

Posted by Cerianthus on 06 June 2016 - 09:59 AM

Pretty nice Albert. Started to follow you on Flickr as well.

#373535 For Sale: Sea & Sea, Nauticam & FIT...

Posted by Cerianthus on 12 May 2016 - 01:15 AM

Hi John, thanks for the answer. I am looking for ulcs ones, so I am no longer interested.

#373395 Remote Strobe Trigger

Posted by Cerianthus on 08 May 2016 - 01:56 AM

I dont know what remote slaves Alex uses, but the ikelite ones are quite sensitive. Also possible to use an extension cord to increase the distance. I picked 2 old ones up on ebay . Played around on one dive last year. The regular little bit of cord is about 50-60 cm (2 foot), but you can use an extension. Only works with ikelite strobes though.


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#371415 Canon 100 macro USM or canon 100 macro USM IS or 60 macro

Posted by Cerianthus on 11 March 2016 - 01:44 AM

Not if I click it.


#371367 Canon 100 macro USM or canon 100 macro USM IS or 60 macro

Posted by Cerianthus on 10 March 2016 - 01:49 AM

Check this thread among similar ones. Definitive Macro for Canon?

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#367635 Definitive Macro for Canon?

Posted by Cerianthus on 28 November 2015 - 12:05 PM

depends, if you dive often in low viz, and also are interested in fish portrait etc, then the 60mm would be better (shorter focus distance, less water and gunk in between). In clear water the 100m gets more interesting... check if the sigma 105 mm has internal focus (otherwise there might be a length difference between infinity and close focus....  (in the end, get both the 60 and 100 mm :-)

#363522 Lightning trouble

Posted by Cerianthus on 23 July 2015 - 12:25 PM

The floaters people use are to balance the buoyancy of the whole setup, not to keep arms up, if the arms are too loose just turn m a bit tighter
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#360659 Ikelite built-in TTL circuitry + sony A6000 >>> what shutter spee...

Posted by Cerianthus on 30 April 2015 - 04:45 AM

HSS flash works different, it works with multiple small flashes. Unless you get a brand specific flash in a housing, it normally doesn't work with underwater strobes.


an explanation


#360658 Difference between ysd1 and z240?

Posted by Cerianthus on 30 April 2015 - 04:41 AM

my answer would be http://lmgtfy.com/?q...n ysd1 and z240

#360654 Ikelite built-in TTL circuitry + sony A6000 >>> what shutter spee...

Posted by Cerianthus on 30 April 2015 - 03:45 AM

Probably the same as the onboard flash. Max sync speed is depending on the shutter, it is a per camera spec.

#360312 What can WIFI do for the UW Photographer?

Posted by Cerianthus on 20 April 2015 - 09:19 AM

With the canon 70d, I can browse the pictures using the app while the camera is still in its housing. There is a direct wifi connection. For a laptop you need something like virtual router (a free program) to circumvent the requirement for a wifi network. It does consume some battery power and if you want to download Raw it is pretty slow.

#358224 The Ethic of Ikelite and their dealer

Posted by Cerianthus on 23 February 2015 - 06:06 AM

I am not 'commanding' you to stop getting your right, your a free man, I am asking you to stop implying it is the manufactors (Ikelite's) fault while your beef was with the dealer. Nice that all went well in the end.


I am a free man too, and i am not going to read anymore legal mumbojumbo.