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In Topic: l & M uw monitor adjustment

14 September 2006 - 03:34 PM

hi nickdiver,
appologies for the delayed reply-have been out of range ie. no telephone/email links.
Firstly, I got the stingray 2 because when I needed a housing for the hc1 in a hurry there were none available. the optical axis was exact on the camera tray however, I did fit a bracket for the lens barrel to sit firmly. the first lot of footage seemed ok on a normal tv . when viewed on the mac book pro it l also appears ok. the uw lens is the standard l&m 75 mm. another point to consider is that the turbicity of the waters here in torres strait is far from ideal. as I mentioned before, the only hick-up is not being able to adjust the monitor brightness despite the fact that there is a monitor brightness button. I am seriously considering placing a flat port onto the stingray for above water and rainy weather and wet conditions on the boat and getting a dedicated housing with a good monitor for diving.
regards HH

In Topic: DEMA HDV housing Mini-report

08 October 2005 - 11:16 PM

that sea & sea hc1 looks just great. i assume the monitor is 16:9 ?
any hint on the price ?
cheers HH