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In Topic: Rumor or Truth? Inon Japan closing Inon America?

23 January 2009 - 04:15 PM

I do think there is a bit of overreaction to the news. Inon Japan is restructuring how they do business here in the US. They have not withdrawn local representation but just decided to do direct distributing vs having a distributor in the US. Let's not trash them before they have a chance to prove themselves in this decision. I seriously doubt Inon will let one of their bigger markets suffer bad service.
I like Steve, Mark et al at Inon America and wish them the best of luck in settling this issue.

I recently contacted one of Inon's local dealers in California and was apprised of that Japanese company's unreasonable and byzantine requirements to even do any future business with them in the US; as a result, that well-respected dealer will no longer carry Inon, and there is now a fire sale on those products . . .

This type practice is nothing new; other diving-related companies have pulled this crap in the past, Poseidon AB most notably. That company was once richly represented in the US diving community, that is before ridiculous quotas, strictures, and a general lack of support in the unavailability of spare parts, became the burden of prospective dealers. The result of that effort is now an ever-dwindling market share, at least here in the US . . .

In Topic: Rumor or Truth? Inon Japan closing Inon America?

22 January 2009 - 01:16 PM

Rumor has it that Inon Japan is closing Inon America?????. I heard that Inon Japan may be closing it's America division. How could this be? I don't know about any of you that own an Inon but I personally want service here in the U.S.A. . I bought my first one from Ryan, Reef Photo, at a trade show and also bought the uw lens and housing for my oly 350. What a treat this was to get personal service. I used this rig for about two years and then took a a course with Cathy Church and she suggested I get a second strobe. A few months later, I took a photo course with Bonnie Pelnar and was able to "try out" a second Inon strobe through Inon America and of course you know the results, I bought it. I personally have told many people over these boards about my strobes and how much I love them. Been to several countries on dive trips and many people on the boats have asked about them and I told them where to buy. However if I have to purchase them from Japan and send them to Japan for service,etc. , I will change my mind. I think that Inon makes a great product but if they stop having Inon America, I will look for a brand that can be serviced here in the states. The customer support from Inon America is amazing. I called Steve once in a panic and he was will to help me out overnight! I also flooded my strobe once and told him the truth how it happened and he was amazed. It's one great product. OK, I'm finished ranting now, I just hope and pray that this is just rumor. I won't continue to buy if I have to send products to Japan to get them fixed, buy, etc. Scott Nielsen
PS. I own 3 D2000 Inon strobes and was going to buy a fourth for Troy's camera in Coz if he liked it. I was hoping he would be able to try one out at Bonnie's workshop but now, I'm not sure. I hope this is only rumor and Troy will be able to try one out like I did last year. Also another friend of ours, Anna, tried one out at the workshop and she bought one also. I'm sure there were others. Rant off

For Inon Japan to arbitrarily shut-out their US distributors, doesn't do much to shore up wavering consumer confidence -- especially in such a small niche market catering to underwater photographers (and in particular, given this economy). Reputation is everything in this industry, and I recall the difficulties I even had dealing with Nikon in the past (when they owned / distributed Aquatica for a brief time) -- a company with, then and now, a gargantuan presence in the US. I had every intention of purchasing additional Inon Z-240 strobes but will now put that off and, once again, go the Sea and Sea route, without any real assurance of the type of support I received from Inon America . . .

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15 October 2008 - 10:48 AM


I would go with either Inon Z-240 or any of the Sea and Sea models. They are generally compact and both use the standard Nikonos 5-pin connection so both brands of strobes may be used with the same Sea and Sea sync cords. Also, service for both brands have been great over the years. I had a minor problem with an early Inon strobe two years back; not only did they -- Inon America -- quickly replace the item, but also sent me a loaner FEDEXed on their dime when I was headed out for a trip.

While I do carry extra sync cords and have tested them on local Northern California dives, I have never experienced a failure with any of them and have been using some of those same cords from my Nikonos days -- and they have seen some serious punishment . . .