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My best 160 seconds this summer

20 October 2011 - 06:09 AM


I have just made an underwater video with my D-SLR Nikon D7000, in which I boiled down the very best of the ca 15-20 dives this summer into 160 seconds.

All scenes are taken in the (murky but exiting) waters of the swedish west coast.

In the movie there are wrecks, nudibranches, fishes, lobsters, divers etc.

As always, I did the filming, editing and composed (etc) the music.

I have uploaded it to a Nikon movie competition. Mine is the only underwater movie in the competition.
I AM UNDERWATER - Nikon Film Festival

(don't try the fullscreen version as it's only a pixel zoom)

It would be great if you would like to watch it, even more fun if you took the time to write a comment and I guess the best would be if you would be nice and give me a high grade (just click on the star to the very right, 5 star ;-)).

Peter Segerdahl

White balance in green waters

23 September 2011 - 01:53 AM


As I've started to do much more video (with and without lights) and I have also got the need to get the white balancing spot on under water. No RAW...

I use a white "write tablet/board" (?). The problems are mainly two:

1. It reflects the light sooo much more than any subject, so I have to change the exposure alot before the camera can get an OK reading.
This means that it takes much longer time than needed and I may forget to change it back when starting filming.

2. Especially when using my lights (Sola 1200) and white balancing with my white board, the result is not good. It's much too blue and way too little red.

Any suggestions for a easy ways to improve the white balancing results?

Last night a sachet saved my life!

09 May 2011 - 07:05 AM


Last friday, it was my turn to suddenly realise that my brand new uw-housing (2nd dive with it!) holding my new camera (Nikon D7000) suddenly at the end of a dive was starting to leak!!!

It was a control (for AE-L/AF-L) that was leaking, so it had nothing to do with me not being careful with the o-rings etc.

Yes, I had tested the housing before I went diving with it and, I had already done a 30m dive with it the week before.

Salty water was slowly pooring into the uw-housing and I did NOT panic! NOT?
Yep, I was actually pretty calm, annoyed but calm. Am I very rich or especially stupid? Nope, on the contrary; I was insured: Leak insured!

What? "What company is that, that will restore your images, give you a new camera and underwater housing in a snap" you may ask yourself.
Well, I don't know of any company that does that for you, but what I did have was three sachets from leak insure. They were installed at the bottom my my uw-housing and nicely sucked up all the water that was coming in.
The camera is weather sealed so it can handle a little water, but only a little and during that dive I had shot some macro video footage that I was very happy with.
I had been down to around 30m for quite some time so I could not just surface.
I realised that if I did not touch the control, water stopped coming in, but already pretty much water had leaked into the housing as I had been using the control alot (for focusing).

At that moment I swam to my buddie who was taking pictures a few meters away and realised that I didn't know the sign for "f*ck, my uw-housing is leaking!" (do you?). I was pointing and doing all sorts of signs but he only understood the thumb UP sign and we slowly aborted the dive, did our safety stop and when we finally surfaced he asked me what the problem was. I told him that my camera flooded and he said "how could you stay so calm". I told him about my "insurance" and he got very curious.

Well to cut a long story short I just wanted to share with you how a terrible incident ended quite happily. The cost of the leak insure sachets is very little and I am so happy I remembered to install (3 of) them prior to the dive. As it was a new housing I must admit that I almost forgot to.

So did a sachet save my life last night?
Well, for sure 3 sachets saved the life of my camera and it was last friday to tell you the truth... But, as it also saved my video footage (that turned out to be great!) and it prevented me from getting a "heart attack". I even made a second dive with the camera that day. I reprogrammed the button on the camera so that I could use another control for the same function, did not use the leaking control, installed new sachets and got even more great video footage to bring home.

I, of course, had to send my uw-housing for repair, which really sucks, but the camera and the video on the memory cards are still alive and kicking. Hopefully the uw-housing company will be nice enough and asap send me a new housing. It was more or less a DOA.

No, I don't work for leak insure in any way, I am just a happy customer and I just wanted to help you get a little extra marginal in case the worst thing happens to you too.

Here's their link btw:

For Sale: Ikelite D300 --> D300s converter!

27 March 2011 - 12:36 PM

Converts Ikelite Nikon D300 housing (#6812.3) to Ikelite Nikon D300s Housing (#6812.31).

Posted Image

Intended for e.g. Nikon D300 users who purchase the D300s as a second camera
body. Or, if you need a replacement for your D300s back assembly. Or you want a spare one. etc...

Includes complete housing back with camera mounting tray, TTL electronics,
hotshoe, bulkhead and Super-Eye viewfinder.
#9568.3 Nikon D300s Back Assembly
More information at Ikelite

It has only been used for about 30 dives during season 2010 by me, the one and
only owner. Never flooded, in very nice and perfectly working condition.
Selling due to change of camera.

I'm happy to post anywhere in the world. Buyer to pay postage from Sweden.

I'm looking for Euro 350.00.

For further pictures of the back assembly and examples of images taken with it, please contact me on email.

Peter Segerdahl