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In Topic: Canon 10-22 - Are These About Right?

29 April 2008 - 05:43 AM

I must say, you havent chosen the easiest motive for your test shots!

The 10-22 is superb topside, there is nothing better on a cropsensor camera today.

Underwater however I experiensed softness in the corners when I used the lens behind a dome:

It is still very much usable but beware of the problem... Perhaps the problem is less visible behind the 8ich dome, but the best way of getting ridd of the softness is getting the tokina fisheyezoom!

However, if you only want one lens for topside and underwater use the 10-22 is the way to go.

In Topic: Zoom gear for 10-17 came off during my dive

27 August 2007 - 08:08 AM

I have the same lens, but I use the focusing ring from the 60mm macro lens.

The gear fits pretty well but I also had the gear come off during one dive.

Since that dive I use a rubber band (or actually an elastic rope, 3mm thick) that I place in front of the zoomgear on the lens itself, it keeps the lens fixated on right place on the lens and prevents the gear from sliding off...

In Topic: Canon 10-22mm with +2 Diopter

16 August 2007 - 07:01 AM

My experience with less expensive diopters is that they are very thick, there is a possibility that the diopter will show extensive vinjetting at 10mm...

I have the same lens and port and experienced the same problem with soft edges, my solution was to invest in the tokina 10-17mm fisheyezoom, with the athena dome and a 22mm extension.

In Topic: Problems with EOS 400D

05 August 2007 - 03:31 PM

The reason for this confusion is that the computer recognizes the camera as a "digital camera" and not as a digita storage (CF card), there a a couple of diferent protocols that are used.

I think that there is a setting in the camera that enables you to change this setting, but I havent bothered changing it since I use the a cardreader.

In Topic: 350D vs D40 vs E400

28 June 2007 - 08:11 AM

So D70 or D80 rather than any of the three I listed? I did say the EOS 400D (Rebel XTi in USA) is just out of our budget right now, but I'm aware that buying the better body & maybe only one good lens to start with, and then working up the rest of the kit in time makes more sense, but the little boy part of me just wanted it all now! The 400D + Canon 18-55mm can be bought now for €770.

You dont write where you live, but I guess you live in Europe since you list the prices in euro. You know europe is one market now and the 400d with kitlens can be found in Germany from about €650, the d80 from about €1000 with its kitlens.

In uk I have found the d80 from £675 and the 400d from £480