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Selling my entire Ikelite 5d3 rig - SoCal, Pick up only

03 March 2016 - 12:11 PM

Hi all, haven't been on here in a loooong while. Mostly gotten out of diving, but definitely gotten out of UW photography with the SLR rig. So the whole kit (minus camera) is available. Best offer. I know these will be low offers and that's fine, as I'm not sure everything works (and I know some doesn't). Sorry for the approximate descriptions. If anyone is interested I can answer questions.

* I won't ship. You have to come pick it up in West Los Angeles, probably at Eco Dive Center but I'm open to other ideas.
* Camera and lenses not included, just the housing stuff.
* Please make an offer for everything. I don't want to deal with parceling stuff out.
* Best offer received by March 15th gets it.  (I also posted on Scubaboard).

* If necessary I can provide a few prominent people from the local diving community who will vouch that I'm not a wacko or scam artist and take good care of my gear.


  • Ikelite 5d3 housing. FLOODED (forgot main O-ring). You could pay Ikelite ~$300-500 to install a new circuit board and check the metal parts for corrosion, then it would probably be fine.
  • Several ports and extensions including 8" dome and 6" dome and long macro and regular macro (I forget the numbers). They are the ones for Canon 5d3 with 100mm lense by itself and for 100mm lense with 1.4x.
  • 2x Ikelite DS125 strobes (not flooded but haven't used in ~3 years). Chargers.
  • Ultralight arms (one long set for wide angle and one short set for macro).
  • *Ikelite Sync cords (I think I have 2 double cords and one single, not positive)
  • Pelican case
  • Large wheeled cooler that fits the whole rig.
  • Misc other doodads associated with the above equipment. Extra O-rings, O-ring grease, adapters, that sort of stuff.