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24 April 2006 - 06:06 AM

A Response from the Publisher of Ocean Realm

Greetings all who partake in this lively discussion.

I completely understand the point of view some of you have about being paid for your work. No one is suggesting that you don’t get paid for your creative efforts considering the investment of time and money necessary to say competitive.

Linda’s call for submissions was an effort to give our Ocean Realm family an opportunity to receive a little bit of exposure and credibility by being published in the Ocean Realm Journal. She was not prepared to be slammed by the few who took her invite the wrong context.

It is true we are not paying for pictures or articles at this point but this is not because we do not believe these contributions to be of value. On the contrary, these contributions make Ocean Realm, not visa versa. As a start up we simply do not have the funds to pay for materials and therefore are not able to offer payment at this point.

For those of you who believe we are raking in the cash publishing Ocean Realm I suggest you take a copy of OR to your local printer and see for yourself what the costs are. As Linda said, this is a passion for our three-person team and we will eat canned soup as long as we need to in order to keep Ocean Realm alive. For now we are forgoing profit for passion and feel great doing so in the process.

A number of you recognize the true value of being featured in a publication such as Ocean Realm. You have to look beyond the “no pay” issue and realize that the publication is a platform to either launch a career or further it.

In 1976 I created and published Sport Diver magazine. This magazine had a profound impact on the industry that we today call “Sport Diving.” When I first decided to go up again the giant Skin Diver magazine, I struggled to get the likes of Jack McKinney, Carl Rosseler and others of the day to provide me with pictures. There were two problems though; they wanted to get paid and they were in Paul T’s back pocket.

I had started Sport Diver as a frustrated photographer. I had received rejection after rejection from Paul. Years later when he and I became friend’s I asked why my pictures, as good as most others, kept getting rejected. His reply was that I was not in the pecking order; another words, the good old boys club got first shot at the placements and assignments.

So my reasons for becoming a publisher were personal but I took with me the experience I had and promised I would never deny great talent an opportunity to be published.

One day I received a call from a photographer in Colorado. We had a nice chat. He told be he was moving to Florida to become an underwater photographer and would I be interested in publishing his work. I admit I wondered how a guy from the mountains could decide to become an underwater photographer and immediately expect to be published. I told him the door was open and to send me pictures. That person was Stephen Frink and the rest is history. During my 30 years as a publisher and publishing director in the diving industry (Florida Diver, Sport Diver, Ocean Realm and Dive Travel) I was instrumental in furthering the careers of many of today’s established image makers; Rick Frehsee, Greg Johnston, Mart Snyderman, Fred Bavendam and the list goes on and on.

My point in going this far with these “to pay or not to pay” discussions is; sometimes there are things in life that provide a greater return than just money. Most of the people I have mention are making a wonderful living from projects that we all dream about doing. A few are actually making a living from publications but more important, their published work keeps them at the forefront of the job market.

Today, Ocean Realm exists because Linda, Ken and I refuse to let go with the dream of having a publication that is not only visually exciting and content rich but, having a publication that furthers our desire to promote the “Respect and Protect” the ocean mandate that we have chosen.

The Journal is called “Ocean Realm, not Richard’s Realm” and I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank everyone that has made it possible for us to get Ocean Realm to the market. These are the people that make Ocean Realm (Bruce Watkins, Jo Jo Guevarra, Maricio Handler, Dominick Macan, Yvette Lee, Jacques Marion, Donald Tipton, Claudia Pellarini, Leon Joubert, Linda Stein, Debbie Moroney, Stephi Schwabe, Greg Johnston, Dawn Cronin, Ggayle Lawrence, Patrick Chevailler, Dick Wisshack, Beverly Factor, Michael Portelly and Wolfgang Leander.

There was a question as to our corporate status. We are dedicated to education and the protection of the ocean and although we are a for profit company, we operate like a non profit devoting much of our resources to conservation and education….especially for kids. Although we considered turning the society to a non profit status, we see very little benefits in doing so. Even a non profit organization is charged with the task of being profitable but, since our aspirations go well beyond a publication and will need future investment opportunities we will remain a for profit company.

Our society is a community of like minded people. A love for the ocean and an itch for adventure. Since we all derive something from the ocean we should all give back however we can. Our way is in the form of education and entertainment.

So in my closing comments I would like to thank all of those who are supporting our efforts as a member subscriber, I would like to apologize to anyone who took offence to our invitation and I would like everyone to know that our door is always open to new and established artists that may wish to join the Ocean Realm creative team.

Safe diving and happy shooting,

Richard H. Stewart
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

A Parting thought-

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”