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In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

Yesterday, 03:23 AM

Yeah Babbacombe sounds good.  I think the cuttlefish can appear anytime from now through to June / July.   Just let me know when you have some dates and I'll see if I can make it.

Cheers, Simon

In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

16 April 2014 - 12:09 AM

It is not just because it is an 8 bit highly compressed feed and plenty of other cameras with similar codecs have never shown the issues that the FS/NXCAM cameras have shown.  There appears to be something much more fundamental going on.  I'm always very interested in seeing if anyone gets around the issues and José's video is the best I've seen so far, but even the ProRes examples have not been completely free from problems.  


The issues tend to magnify when you WB underwater but if you are using lights, don't WB and don't colour correct in post then they tend to be masked.  I really would absolutely definitely like to be proved wrong over this one, so any testing you do in the wild would be great.  If you are heading down to the coast let me know and I'll even bring my doorstop along for a side by side comparison! :)


Cheers, Simon

In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

15 April 2014 - 02:36 PM

Should just add that they don't really show any issue when using external lighting, so macro seems to work really well. It is ambient light work where the issues tend to occur.

In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

15 April 2014 - 02:34 PM

I'm always up for a beer :)
Although I've not seen many (any?) discussions around the FS700 on the forum, I didn't think there were that many that had made it under water? Understood there were issues with the FS100, but that's a completely different camera and sensor.... whilst we've not had any of our FS700s out in open water yet, they've still clocked up a lot of hours in studio/pool based environments and a huge amount top side and (relatively!) dry, we've not seen any major issues (have a look at any of the slow mo shots in the last two seasons of Top Gear...). We used it for all the in water filming for ITV Splash this year, they were over the moon... in their words, it knocked spots of the images from the EX1 we used last year (we ran HD-SDI to the OB, so an 8 bit feed, gamma was set to ITU709-800).

There is actually quite a bit of FS700 uw footage out there and basically it is showing more or less the same issues as the FS100. Although not identical they are very, very similar cameras. In fact and the whole NXCAM range appears to be affected.

The issues do not show up for something like pool work, it us when you start to push the settings past the norm that the problems start, especially when you start to colour correct. Jose's video has given me some hope that external recorders could solve at least some of the problems, although I can still see most of the issues present to a lesser degree. I'd certainly love to get hold of those ProRes files for a closer look!

They are wonderful wonderful topside cameras. Such a shame, but I'm still holding out hope that my housing is more useful than a doorstop!!

In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

15 April 2014 - 06:00 AM


Eager to get our Genesis somewhere a little more exotic, it's clocked up over 150 hours so far, but has yet to leave the confines of a swimming pool :(


If you look around the forum you can pick up a lot from here Stuart regarding the issues with it in the wild, but also happy to have a chat on the phone or over a beer even(!) so you don't go through all of the frustration that I did.  By the looks of it shooting ProRes definitely helps - be very interested to see how it performs when shooting RAW!


Cheers, Simon