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Any experience with ThinkTank Airport Airstream?

16 April 2016 - 10:07 AM



For the past many years, I have traveled with the ThinkTank Airport Accelerator (V1.0) backpack and an Urban Disguise 2.0. This lets me take all of my "delicates" on-board with me (housing, ports, lenses, bodies, etc.).


It's been really nice for two reasons:


  * Backpacks (IMHO) fly below the "we're going to weigh your bag" airport staff (and my backpack is really heavy ...)

  * The Airport Accelerator has gone into almost every small overhead bin I've encountered (after removing the laptop pouch)


Unfortunately, my back just doesn't want to tolerate it anymore.


So I'm toying with a smaller roller like the Airstream. The theory is that I can keep all of the heavy stuff there and transition to a smaller backpack for less load. And I'm hoping the small size will still avoid attracting the crew's attention.


Thoughts on this? Do all rollers attract attention? Will it still fit in small overheads?