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Need help choosing new video lights

24 February 2013 - 12:40 PM

I've got a Hero3 and i'm looking for a pair of video lights to use at night, under ledges, and when the sun doesn't cooperate during day dives.  I recognize the limitations of the Hero3 so these lights may be used for a better video rig in the future.  They will be mated to an SRP tray for now.  My reading has narrowed it down to Sola 1200s or iTorch Video Pro4 but am still open to suggestions.  A few salesman have suggested the Sola 500s is all I need for a Hero3 but I'm concerned they won't be "enough" for a better rig in the future.  I've read many threads concerning Sola charging issues so the iTorch user changeable batteries are very intriguing.  The Sola has a lot more reputation to ride on but is it worth the extra money?  Any help or real world experience would be greatly appreciated.

For Sale: Light & Motion Mako with Lights and two Sony DCR-PC350 Camcorders plus e...

09 January 2013 - 04:25 PM

I am selling a Light and Motion Mako underwater video housing with two Sony DCR-PC350 camcorders and a host of accessories. One of the camcorders has been used in the housing and the other was kept in the closet as backup with minimal use. Both camcorders function perfectly and are in the original boxes with manuals and accessories. All manuals and spares for the Mako housing are also included. I am the original owner of this housing. It has never flooded and the electronics work perfectly. The system has been well cared for; all parts work as new, and are ready to dive immediately! With a built in flip up red filter for color correction it makes a wonderful, compact travel video camera capable of taking high quality videos and still pictures of your underwater adventures. Total price with all accessories was nearly $7,000. I am asking $650 plus shipping for everything. The included accessories are listed below.
  • Pelican travel case with custom cutouts to fit all accessories
  • Upgraded 2.5” LCD monitor back and original viewfinder back as spare
  • Super wide angle lens and standard lens with covers
  • Mako housing spare o-rings and silicone lube
  • Sunray-S Mini Elite dual Lighting System with flex arms
    • Two light pods and two battery chargers
    • Two batteries (no longer hold charge)
    • Spare bulb and o-rings
  • Camcorder accessories
  • Two Sony FF51 standard and Two FF71 extended batteries
  • Two 512MB and One 16MB Sony Memory sticks
  • Sony BC-TRF wall battery charger
  • Two Remote controls
  • Two Sony camcorder docking stations
  • Audio video adapter cables
Feel free to PM with any questions.