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Canon 8-15 behind Nauticam 180mm Wide angle port

27 November 2017 - 07:02 PM

Hey all.

I was wandering what will be the problem using the 8-15mm lens (at 15mm) behind the Nauticam 180mm wide angle port.

I am using the Canon 5D mk iv with the 16-35mm mkiii with a 80mm extension and the 180mm port with good results. 

I tried using the 8-15 behind the same port without any extensions and was pleasantly surprised. 

I was told that the 1800 port is basically a cat-off of the 230mm port which is the recommended port for both the 16-35 and for the 8-15. 

If this is the case - what may prevent the 180 from performing as well as the 230mm? 

Attaching a photo taken with this setup. turtle photo edited by booting exposure, Freedivers not touched. 

Happy to provide Raw files.


I wonder if it will even work at 8mm with the port shade removed...


Thank you for your input.