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Subal ND800 / D800E Controls Problem

03 January 2013 - 01:10 AM

Hi All,

I've been having a frustrating time with a malfunctioning control on my Subal ND800 housing (shooting D800E). I've corresponded with both Subal and Backscatter and have tried to troubleshoot via email and phone, but haven't had any success in finding a solution, so I'm hoping that someone here might have run into this problem and found a solution already.

One of the controls on my ND800 housing does not operate as intended, it's the "UP" button on the multi-selector on the back of the camera. When pressing the "UP" button instead of moving the AF point up, it moves diagonally upward and to the right, sometimes even in an arc with the last positions going downward and to the right.

My best guess is that this is an issue having to do with too tight of tolerances and fit, since the problem only arises at depth, when there is a tiny amount of compression between the main housing and the backplate with the controls due to the main o-ring being squeezed.

Here's a video with the camera in Live View mode so that you can see what I mean. Have a look at what happens to the AF point when the UP button is pushed.

I do notice that if I push on the button really gently it goes upward at first, and pushing harder (as in when you're just using it regularly) makes it float upward and to the right. However, I'm a little hesitant to start grinding down the pin on the other side of the button just yet, hoping that someone out there might have another fix or confirmed that this would do the trick.

I know that what really needs to happen is this housing needs to be looked at by Backscatter in person with my camera body in hand. However, I'm on a 4 month trip in Southeast Asia and it's just not feasible to ship or fly everything to Monterey from here right now. Also, since the issue can't be reproduced on dry land I know it's not going to be a snap to get this sorted out even if/when I do get it back to Backscatter. I would be much, much happier to get it fixed here and so I can enjoy shooting this rig for the remainder of my trips.

It's a very annoying problem to have as I use the multi-selector often as some of you might, and I've already missed quite a few shots as a direct result of this problem :'(. Any helpful advice or solution would be greatly appreciated!

I have two D800E bodies and the problem is the same with both of them.

Thanks a bunch, fingers crossed.