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In Topic: Check or Carry-on?

04 December 2005 - 07:43 PM

I've only had the opportunity to watch TSA go through my stuff once. That's why I carry everything on now and keep it with me. In fact, I got back from Hawaii and TSA didn't put my surfboard on the plane and I ended up with someone elses shoes in my bag? huh?

Anyway...back to your question. For a macro port? I'd pack it in your dive bag only if you had like an extra regulator bag that you could use bubble wrap around within that reg bag that went withon your dive bag. Or I'd get a bigger camera bag as your carryon and keep it with you camera as a carryon. The other thing to remember is that you get one carryon AND a personal item like a laptop or something and there may be a way to keep the macro port in your laptop bag/personal item carryon.

Another perhaps more creative option might be to go to somekind of tupperware kitchen storage place and find a container that the port would fit in after being wrapped in a towel or something so that you could pack it in your dive gear and not worry about it being banged around.

Have fun.

In Topic: Check or Carry-on?

04 December 2005 - 04:01 PM

Just got back from two trips using the Lowepro CompuTrekker for the following:
20D, (2) DS-125 strobes with arms, Ike Housing & one port, 3 lens', chargers, my 15" PowerBook, and a ton of cables...I was very happy to have all my vital underwater gear on my back. The only thing I checked on with my scuba gear was the handle. I'm submitting a picture in hopes it helps someone else. I spent a lot of time on Wetpixel listening to what others used and then got the CompuTrekker. This rig was super comfortable to carry. I was never asked about weight when checking my gear through TSA and it had a nice rain cover for those spontaneous tropical rains! I got the backpack that fits the 17" computer and was super happy with the padding for my laptop.
If you want a picture of the setup in my carry on bag, and this didn't post correctly, let me know.

Canon D20, Ike Housing, (2) DS-125, 60mm Macro, 10-22mm
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